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  1. No advice for you but this photo might give you some ideas.
  2. See Section 6 in the manual at this link for flat packing instructions. Found this video online showing someone flat packing: If you have access to a VHS player I have a copy of the video "Pack Like a Pro!" by Billy Weber I can get to you. It shows how to flat/side pack and PRO pack.
  3. Also Midwest Skydivers, Lansing IL; Skydive Sandwich; and the dz in Morris come to mind.
  4. "Reign of Fire". If memory serves me correctly I think they had on Z-1s
  5. I say that because the original poster simply asked for directions to CSC.
  6. That was totally unnecessary ! ! ! !
  7. Hi Ed, hope you find a suitable teammate!!
  8. You're right, a picture IS worth a thousand words!!! With that said, your setup looks SCARY!!
  9. Yep!! Pre seatbelt requirement, of course.
  10. Noted! Will try that next time. My arms did get a little tired.
  11. It may only be my perception but I seem to have gotten good results using rear risers. My canopy's loaded more than 1:1 though. Of course, your results may vary
  12. Do a search for "Reverse S fold" It goes something like this