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  1. PirateDiver


    I was in DFW for a long weekend and spent two days at Skydive 35. These guys are awesome! Ivan, the DZO really cares about his DZ and it shows in everything from the beautiful carpeted packing hangar to the immaculate (fast) E-90. The local jumpers were friendly and the available area to land is HUGE! I will be back to Skydive 35 as soon as possible - highly recommend if you're in the DFW area.
  2. I jumped at Skydive Dallas while visiting Ft. Worth last weekend. This place is amazing. The facilities are some of the best I've seen. Their plane is gorgeous and you get consistently good altitude (13.5k). The staff was helpful and friendly and I met several outgoing local fun jumpers. The landing area is wide open with plenty of outs; separate areas for hi-pro landings, great C/D area, huge student area and a "transition" area for those who want to do their own thing. I even got a super tasty ham and cheese sandwich and yummy crispy tater tots at the cafe for lunch. It is a bit of a drive from the metroplex, particularly if you're coming from the Ft. Worth side, but I thought it was well worth it.
  3. I love this drop zone! I've been to Skydive Utah a couple of times and would go every weekend if it wasn't a six hour drive from where I live. This is a mid-sized DZ done right. It's big enough to turn some serious loads, but small enough that you don't feel lost in the crowd. The aircraft is super fast and gives you consistent high altitudes. The packing areas are large, carpeted and covered. The LZ is huge and grassy; I love that they separate their main landing area from the landing areas designated for tandems and high performance landings. Their manifest process is simple and very organized. The local jumpers are very friendly and inclusive and the DZO is friendly, professional and safety conscious. I highly recommend Skydive Utah!
  4. PirateDiver

    Skydive The Farm

    All I can say is WOW! I was welcomed with open arms and I gotta tell you I am trying to figure out a way to move from Las Vegas. This is what a dropzone should be. THANK YOU for the great time!
  5. I jump at Mesquite pretty regularly and really like the fun-jumper friendly atmosphere. The DZO loves the sport and cares about the jumpers and it really shows. There's a great crowd of regular local jumpers. Mesquite has a caravan part of the year: the large loads, good altitudes and quick turn times are really nice. The landing area is on the airport on top of a mesa and can be a little tight. Summers are hot, but hey...it's the desert. If you're in the Vegas area it's definitely worth stopping by for a jump or two!
  6. My husband and I learned to skydive at Sin City. It took two tries to get an instructor there for the first jump course: driving an hour (twice) to have the staff no-show was an enormous waste of my time. The instruction we finally received from Jace and Brince was outstanding! The student/rental gear there is ancient. On my 8th jump two of the center cells on my rental gear tore open. I bought my own gear in order to have something safe and consistent to use and the DZO called me stupid for doing so. He made this judgment without ever asking what kind of gear I bought, my wing-loading or any other pertinent questions. There has been a caravan at Sin City since last fall, which has been nice. It is scheduled to leave soon which leaves a C-206: last summer it was extremely difficult to secure a fun-jumper slot on the 206. Lift tickets are $25 and in my experience that generally only gets to you 10k on the 206. I have witnessed the DZO yell/curse at staff and jumpers. He often treats fun jumpers as he would employees. He does not promote a culture of safety and the rules that are enforced often change. It is very difficult to get coaching as the instructors are fully booked with tandems. Fun jumpers usually have to pack outside; this becomes problematic when it’s windy or 100+ degrees. Sin City does not have the facilities it indicates on Dropzone.com: bar, restaurant, camping. On a positive note the majority of the non-administrative staff is friendly and the views of the desert from altitude are very nice.
  7. I made two jumps this morning at WestSide and had an amazing time! Joe, the owner, was very professional and safe. His staff was friendly and the views from altitude were awesome! The whole crew at WestSide made us feel welcome...felt like our home dropzone. Highly recommend WestSide if you're in the area!
  8. This DZ is small and only open on the weekends but extremely friendly and inclusive. They obviously do this for the love of the sport. The views are great and they have wide open landing areas. If you're in the Rapid City area on a weekend I highly recommend stopping by and catching a jump.