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  1. What's the going rate for a reserve repack these days?
  2. My advice is to buy the DVD. Study, and read as much as possible! It will translate into a faster learning curve in the air. Get to the DZ and spend some time watching people. You will be able to, in a very short time, pick out the good instructors and the people that will help you learn. Avoid like the plague, someone how feels compelled to tell you how good he is. I would also avoid the opinions of people who have three times as many posts as jumps. No matter how good a skydiver someone is, you still have to spend hours with them on the ground, compared to minutes in the air. Jump with people you like, and enjoy being around. Remember why we do this, because it’s supposed to be fun!
  3. Can anyone tell me; What are the current requirements, to be able to act as the course director for the S/L instructor certification course?
  4. I read through the posts on music rights available for sale. Any new providers or ideas anyone has to suggest?
  5. Isn't there a forum dedicated to statistical analysis for new jumpers? Maybe you could take your meaningless discussion there.
  6. Sorry I missed several posts! Since I received that new pub, I have been busy resizing harnesses. Once I get the harnesses done, I'll let everyone know how the brake line turns out. Thanks for all the input.
  7. Canopy panel or suspension line? Sounds like a reference to a round parachute. Is it an alteration or minor repair to replace the brake line below the finger trap? This portion of the canopy would have no stress during the opening shock. What is the definition of a large patch? All these situations could be left to interpretation.
  8. [/url][url]
  9. Is this a part of the parachute strings?
  10. OK, I think I just had the moment of clarity!
  11. I did a search for this earlier, and I don't think I'm the only one that has trouble visulizing this. There was mention of a better series of pictures, but the link didn't work. Since the closest DZ is 400 miles away, having someone just show me isn't much of an option.
  12. Very interested in the stitchless finger trap. However, the diagram? I've been a rigger for 16 years, and can't quite visulize this proceedure. Are there any better pictures out there? I'm sure it will be a "Oh, I see" moment. But, until then?
  13. Anyone have any tips or techniqes? Why do these things always turn into a lecture?