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  1. We finally have dates for the first few events at Skydive Mesquite. Head to and go to the upcoming events page to check them out.
  2. The turbine season is coming for us. The first event of the year is the Halloween Boo-gie. Go to for info and discount room info. See everyone there.
  3. I understand that my 1080i footage is not film /studio quality. I am asking if anyone has found an encoder/ dvd authoring program which gives a quality of picture(not content) that is aavilable commercially
  4. Just wondering if anyone has a good HD to dvd workflow. If this has already been covered, I must have missed it. Everything I have tried sucks. I usually use premiere/ encore but have tried avid, dvdit, procoder3, sorenson squeeze, and a ton of other encoders/burners/nle's. Nothing gives good quality. My best is edit in HD, burn back to tape then record on hardware recorder at the DZ thus lack of menu control. Hoping someone out here has commercial experience with DVD's. How does Paramount get a DVD burned with the quality they have? Obviously SD is not Bluray but I have seen DVD's with good quality that were origionally shot with HD including quite a few movies I have worked on. I know that it can be done. I don't want to have to buy a Panasonic. Are there any differences between HC3 and CX100 in the download(hdv encoding?)?
  5. let's see. That's about 260 jumps a month for the first three months. Should work. See you here.
  6. I love when Mesquite reaps the rewards from firsts at other places! Good job Mike. Line over looks just like the picture, doesn't it. See you this weekend.
  7. freefallguy

    Skydive Mesquite

    Only 1 hour from Las Vegas!! The only place to jump for 300 miles (unless you're a tandem).
  8. Any new news on when the bridge will open?
  9. Try opening a drop zone. It worked for me. If you look at total investment, jumps only cost about three times as much as they used to. At least now I don't have any free time to waste with something like a job.
  10. Just give me a call at 877-246-5867 and we'll set something up. Weather during the day is mid fifties to low sixties and is only getting warmer from here on out.
  11. 5 days 15 jumps only 1 chop (good compared to my record) over 300 gallons of alcohal new years eve (that's what it felt like Sunday morning didn't have to do one tandem, aff, coach, student video, or yell at someone for landing like a moron, fill any plane with fuel, stay up late packing student rigs, or, and this is the best, clean up the DZ the next morning! Great vacation..
  12. I put in this photo of Tom Hanks The list had no Tom Hanks but it did have Renee Zelweger. Very acurate recognition....
  13. I heard someone had stolen both books out of the UF library and the football team was really pissed off... They hadn't finished coloring one of them.
  14. Hands down the Grinch. The origional cartoon not Jim Carey