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  1. Rox Checked with all my staff riggers, and none of them either know you or have your rig. If you would like me to make a call to your rigger on your behalf, I would be happy to be mediate between the two. But since you have us listed as your home dz, I just don't want it to appear that we have the rig when in fact we do not, and I've gotten some emails on your behalf. So just let us know who this person is were here to help! Thx Joe. Westside is the best side!
  2. Well after you have heard ten you really don't need to the creative people that do these things make them pretty much the same cheesy and I have not liked any of them on a personal level hence the reason for giving them creative freedom. Westside is the best side!
  3. I would like to start by saying I am sorry for the ad that was on ESPN. I was not aware of the content when it aired. I gave the radio station creative freedom and this is what came about. When the spot was ready to air they were all very excited and I told them that if they all loved it to go ahead, I didn’t need to listen. I assumed it was along the same cheeky humor as the first one they ran. I would like to further say when we embarked on the Houston expansion, I always told every one that I was coming down here to compete with Steve Boyd and not against. Steve Boyd is a great business man and I am sorry for the negative add – it was not meant to be a dig at Spaceland in any way….just what the wuffo ad execs came up with. Negative ads of any sort hurt everyone. There will be a public apology aired in the near future. Again my sincere apologies to the entire skydiving community. Joe Westside is the best side!
  4. Anyone using it yet, or heard of anyone using it, or any information in general? Westside is the best side!
  5. Thank you for support. Westside is the best side!
  6. www.westsideskydivers.com Westside is the best side!
  7. I am the owner of Westside Skydivers, JumpinJoe- Joe Johnson. I am using the AFP model of training which includes video of all your training jumps. I am very excited to start training students with this program because I feel it gives so much more for the student to work with, being all the jumps are video taped for debrief and planning for the next jump. The video is included in the cost of the jump, you don't pay extra. I left to start my own DZ to concentrate on customer service and really giving the students an experience they will remember. Westside is the best side!
  8. We are the closest DZ to the twincities area and we are the only DZ to capture your entire canopy ride on video. Westside is now offering high altitude jumps! Jump from 18k daily! 24k jumps offered the 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month - limited slots available!!! **high altitude jumps require inboard oxygen.
  9. Westside Skydivers is a new dropzone in the Minneapolis, MN area. We are located in Winsted, MN and just 30 miles from Minnetonka and 40 miles from Minneapolis. Our Grand opening is May 1st and we will be flying 2 182's and maybe a caravan. Currently working out the details of the caravan lease as we speak. Westside is the best side!
  10. Martin I have about thirty tandems out of a r44 with no problems and three different pilots. All with no incident. The FAA has even been out to my event and had no issues either. The students love the Heli-tandems just like we like heli- jumps. I will give you the ins and outs if you like. Westside is the best side!
  11. I am in Baldwin WI Skydive Twin Cities. It sounds like you have much closer folks to choose from so that's great. However if anyone else is in that need of someone in my area I will go out of my way to help you out. I have made jumps with ALS patients as well as many bi and tri-plegics as well as single and double amputee's. Joe Westside is the best side!
  12. Can anyone on here tell me if the Atom Tandem is manufactured under the FAA TSO C23c Westside is the best side!
  13. I took a upcoming UFC fighter that wieghed in at 305 Westside is the best side!
  14. pm me for Minnesota Westside is the best side!
  15. I am wondering if there is a sigma equivilant tandem system manufactured in Europe? Westside is the best side!