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  1. Same reason the Clarivoyant's meeting was canceled due to unforseen events.... Hehehee
  2. Win
  3. I don't see why we shouldn't legalize it. The decriminalization of it not only saves the money we use to hunt down the drug rings, but the money we use to keep those persons in jail. Plus we benefit from the taxes etc.. This was done in Norway. ( I forget when) and there was a study done afterwards where the actual amount of marijuana used decreased along with crime rates..
  4. I'm reading this in class and am laughing my ass off, people don't know whats going on >.<
  5. Anyone seen this before? Online security cameras to watch the US borders. Good idea or bad?
  6. ScaryBox

    Steam ID's

    For all you PC gamers out there post up your steam id's for some multiplayer fun. I play TF2 MW2 BC2 Ruse Beta CS:S Send FR to Scary Box or malcomcat
  7. For pranks - If you each have your own toilet, take a crap in the tank itself. ( or w/e makes it so crap water flushes down instead of regular) Put a dead fish in the air conditioner of his car If he gets action regularly find his condoms and poke holes in the tip.... Put unnecessary amounts of cologne on when your are staying home Seriously though, just like everyone said, live with it, try talking to him to at least pay some bills or forgo paying one of the bills (water, cable, etc..) if his name is on the lease
  8. I was 16 at the time... only a year ago >.< Late summer night, we were on our way to dinner, me thinking i'm cool in my 4-banger s10, decided to do a burnout when I was next to a friend at the stop light... End up getting pulled over for unreasonable acceleration, failure to signal, and I land my date a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt... Alright that's fine, so after dinner and a nice walk we drive off to a nice spot under the moon kinda in the forest but near the highway.. anyways we start going at it, i'm thinking i'm going to get lucky then mid show another cop comes up to us in the bed of my truck and says we are on private property and we are almost out past curfew... so I take her home and that's it.. Not too bad just a bunch of run ins with the law :P
  9. I'm also thinking about Milaca, which is also relatively close. Just gonna have to spend time at them all Now to work so I'll be able to afford all this ~Nick
  10. Thank you very much for the dz's. I am probably going to check them all out mid summer to get a feel of what they are all like. The one in Waseca seems nice since it is only an hour away from me ~Nick
  11. Somewhere in Minnesota or the surrounding area, trying to find dz's and reviews of them Right now I am looking at the Waseca dz and I'm going to check out West Side when it opens ~Nick
  12. I will be starting AFF training during the summer when i turn 18. i have been searching for places that offer AFF training in Minnesota and have only found a few places. I am just wondering what is everyones opinions on these places in terms or quality of training and the people at the dz. If there is a different dz than what I found please feel free to post it EDIT: I thought I put this in the safety and training forums. I this is not right board someone move please :D Thanks alot, Nick
  13. Hello everyone, I have been lurking in these forums for a couple months and decided to make myself an account as it nears my birthday. I am only 17 and plan on starting my AFF training soon after my birthday which is the end of July Just wanted to say hi and thanks to everyone for the helpful information they have posted ~ Nick