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  1. I use a semi-stoweless dbag in my Infinity. I called the rigging department at UPT, told them what canopy I was putting in it, and they told me what size to order. The dbag sizes are based on volume, but the dimensions are for a Vector. I just got one that was close, it works perfectly. PS: A single dbag is sized to work in multiple sizes of Vectors. If you are picky, UPT will give you the exact dimensions of the dbag.
  2. It's the nut sack, but the zipper is much larger than the colugo or aura. it's about 12" long.
  3. I put three jumps on a funk this past weekend. It's rock solid on it's back. Decent glide that's adjustable via the arm and leg vents. Getting off your back takes a larger, more aggressive movement than other suits I've flown. Head down carving is super easy, both in facing and out facing. This could be a great all-around suit. Close the vents: Flocking, open the vents: flippy doos and (pun intended) funky stuff. I've been holding on to my P3 because of it's versatility. I'm 95% sure I'm ordering a funk to replace the P3.
  4. I voted for a Pilot, here's an example why. Any another canopy and I would have been chopping:
  5. No, what I was saying is that I removed the LED's from a Hypeye and reused them in my mod. I don't know all of the cameras that a Hypeye will work with, but I know for certain it does not work with a HRD-PJ540.
  6. I have them and haven't had any problems on a P3, Colugo, SBird, Rbird, etc.
  7. Getting close to finished with my setup: * SkySytems Vapor Mid * Brent's Concentric Ring Sight * GoPro Hero 3+ Black w/ Cam-Do Indicator * 2 x Flatlock * Sony HDR-PJ540 w/ custom indicator * Sony NEX-5N (Soon to be replaced with an A6000)
  8. I absolutely love mine. I load mine decently, 1.7ish on a 150. When it was in my old rig (early V3, older style dbag, way to small for the dbad with zpx), there were a couple times where I got several line twists. Once when the risers were offset in the twist by several inches. It just keep flying like it should. Since I put it in an new Infinity container (properly sized) with a birdman bridle and a UPT semi-stowless dbag, I don't get any line twist any more. Every now and then I'll get half a line twist that I am already coming out of when the canopy fully inflates.
  9. I have a G2 and have never like how shaky video can be. It's fine for everyday fun jumping, but for anything I would sell, it won't cut it. Plus, it doesn't have a cutaway...
  10. I have an On LED (Blue), a Recording LED (Red), and the flashing red LEDs for when the battery is low. That's pretty much all I really need.
  11. No doubt! It's definitely easier to have a ready made product. I've been dabbling it electrical engineering since I was a kid, so hacking the remote wasn't a huge issue. I don't really see many people going this route.
  12. YMMV, use at your own risk... Pic1: * Red Circles: Snipped the tabs in the on zoom control and zoom speed. Set it to W and Off * Blue Circles: Power and Record buttons. * Green Lines: External push button mounted in helmet. Pic 2: * Pink Line: Postive to LEDs * Yellow Line: Negative to LED1 * Light Blue Line: Negative to LED2 I used hot glue on all connection points as they are pretty fragile. I then wrapped then entire thing in clear heat shrink to protect it. I reused a spare Hypeye LED indicator. The Hypeye has it's black wire as positive, the red wire as negative for the red LED, and the yellow wire as the negative for the blue LED. I mounted two SPST momentary push buttons for power and record so that they could be quickly accessed while wearing the helmet. You will have to sort our which of the negative LED connections are which because I don't remember off hand. I will post up some pics later of the completed mod.
  13. Just a FYI: The combination I mentioned works pretty well. If anyone is interested on the connection points I used, let me know and I will post some pics and details.
  14. I can confirm the PJ540 is not compatible with VMC-AVM1. If you are handy with a soldering iron, you could use a VCT-VPR1 and mod it to provide Hypeye-like functions. (this is the option I am pursuing)
  15. I'm not technically a Squirrel customer. I bought my Colugo from a friend, yet Matt took time to help me out with a weird "shimmy" I would get when carving.