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  1. MX304

    Reno Air Races

    The tab on the right elevator half was fixed. The angle of incidence had not been changed. (HUGE mistake) The initial roll to the left was a result of wake turbulence. It happened at the same time the trim tab failed. I have seen a video taken from right at pylon 8 inside the course and you can see the tab fail right before he gets rocked by the turbulence.
  2. MX304

    Reno Air Races

    A friend of ours from the Voodoo team just posted a new video of the accident as seen from his view on top of their transporter. It does not show the impact. What it does show is rather interesting. The first pitching move the aircraft made while still banked over is the hardest pull of the whole sequence. The tail wheel is starting to come out before it rolls level and makes the pitch up. The tail also flexes a lot while this is happening. You can hear the flutter starting (remember the sound is delayed due to the distance from the camera) as it goes up. Also, Jimmy is not visible in the canopy as it rolls level. It is pretty clear the trim tab linkage broke and that caused it's first move. Then as it went up, the flutter set in, and the tab departed just as it started the roll over the top. As far as the seat failing, even if it did it would have had no affect on the accident. They had some sort of tank mounted to the bottom of the seat and as I understand it, that tank sat on the floor as well, so the seat could not have collapsed downward. You can see the video here:
  3. This was a terrible weekend. On top of the wing walker, we also lost Bryan Jensen when he spun it at the Kansas City Air Show in his Pitts "The Beast". The Red Arrows lost a pilot to an airshow crash, and a mid air in NJ claimed the life of an aerobatic competitor. Blue Skies to all
  4. Yes. I also know the pilot gave different excuses to different people. Everything from the brakes failed to the canopy was fogged over. I also talked to a friend that is currently flying F-15s after flying 16s. He looked at the videos and said that one, he landed hot. Then he kept the power on too long to carry the nose high further down the runway. Once he finally set the nose down, he was at the point of no return and was going off the end no matter what condition the brakes were in. Also, normal procedure calls for the pilot to put the throttle in idle detent once on the runway, and then hands off the throttle until clear of the active, or until a burst of power is needed if you slow too much. If you watch the video closely, as soon as it runs in the grass and hit the hole, the nozzle movement indicates that the throttle has been moved to a high power setting. He still had his hand on the throttle and when he got thrown forward in the cockpit, he moved the throttle to a high power setting. I'm just glad he didn't punch out. That would have been a mess.
  5. I don't know how serious you are about that. 18/36 at OSH is very long. Like 8000'. They lengthened it back in the late 80s for the Concorde. I was being somewhat sarcastic... to have two planes being flown by what I'm sure are very well qualified people roll off the runway, within a few hours... Ok. But I'll question how "well qualified" they are if they overrun an 8000' runway (although I realize the F-16 lost it's brakes). Well, more than me! The F-16 didn't lose his brakes. That one was 100% pilot error. The F-4J Fury that ran off did lose his.
  6. I wouldn't say they always do, but it can happen. One of my coolest flying experiences happened on a cross country in a Spartan Executive that took us through a MOA. When we called for clearance to fly through, we were approved, but told to be on the lookout for a few military aircraft working low level. About half way across the MOA, two A-10s came up in formation with us. They flew along side for a few minutes, gave us a thumbs up and went on their way.
  7. I got to fly in SF back in Jan. It was my first and only time in a tunnel, but I had a blast and learned a lot. I'm planning to hit up The Denver tunnel for a weekend in Oct.
  8. CHP would probably stake it out and ticket swoopers for speeding....
  9. I think lottery winnings are taxed differently than regular income in the states. I think I remember hearing it is almost 50%.
  10. That's the one. I'm still trying to find out if there is still one in the US painted in those same markings. There was, but I think it may have been changed. It's kind of like all of the ones that have been painted as Glamorous Glen III over the years, and the much over used Lou IV scheme. We jokingly refer to the latest one as Lou IV the 7th.
  11. I don't believe so. IIRC that one is still stateside. The aircraft that was lost is Serial #:A68-192 Registry: G-HAEC. It was painted up as Glamorous Glen III previously. Rob Davies, who was flying it when the accident occurred, had recently sold the aircraft to Meier Motors in Germany.
  12. I agree. The first shot was justified, after that, he crossed the line.