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    NPCT (National Skydive Centre Teuge)
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  1. USPA


    what do you mean? you can mount it on any top-mount helmet? PS Just looked at your profile... 240 jumps in 12 years? Stay away from videojumps!
  2. USPA

    Controller/no LANC

    That thing is indeed loaded with features! I like the zoom memory... (I lost a number of jumps to "zoom-in") With all the connectors en possibilities I see this thing changing videography the same way the Cameye did...
  3. A little bit off-topic, but I wonder how this is regulated in other countries: In The Netherlands (and I assume Europe (EU)) the shipping is the responsibility of the seller (if this is a shop), so when something is lost in the mail, it that shop that has to solve it.
  4. USPA

    Freefall lighting

    damn, now how do you combine this, with a camera, photocamera and a separate mic.... (drooles)
  5. USPA

    What Camera to buy???

    I have no experiences with the mentoned camera's, but you probably do want lanc, wich you need for features like cameye etc.
  6. Firstly, there are numerous incidents with people hitting the plane/tail only hop and pops. Secondly, my point is the risk was already known to some, but not being communicated to the world as a bigger whole. What I am trying to say, the lessons learned from this incidents should not only be "Beware of dangers associated with combining high performance landings with AAD's" but should also be the question "Why wasn't this communicated before a fatality accured"
  7. Last year. (when affected canopies were being jumped long enough) Oh yeah, some other guy tested it and found it could activate. They then said this guy didn't know what he was doing. Apperently he was, and they weren't. This is exaclty my point. I never seen a report from the manufactorer there was a danger, in fact they were activily promoting it for swooping and activly denying there was a danger. Even when a number of people were crying out to them, to change their policies on this point.
  8. USPA

    Nationaal ParaCentrum Teuge

    The National Skydiving Centre was established by a joint venture between the KNVvL and the Teuge skydiving centre in 1985, to provide a full time skydiving centre in The Netherlands. Since then it has been a succes and is located in the most beautifull building for skydiving in Europe. Look at our website for extremly good teamdeals. Discounts up to 40%!