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  1. does anybody know who the fuck they are? they have been posting for a while about needing this and that, but now they posted that they are just opening.
  2. there is no better place then lodi for that. $13 to altitude and $5 hopnpops. anyone who will tell you that its not safe over there is full of shit. bill ain't no flower to deal with, but who gives a fuck at those prices...
  3. it will not be busy, it never has been busy in the winter. it will rain all the time. for weeks and weeks without stopping.
  4. shit, i'm in! we were talking about it during our two day vacation in jail for nrg jump.
  5. thahks for the info everybody
  6. freeflight

    Florida locals

    Maggot, be careful with black holes! "A black hole is an object predicted by general relativity with a gravitational field so strong that nothing can escape it — not even light. A black hole is defined to be a region of space-time where escape to the outside universe is impossible. The boundary of this region is a surface called the event horizon. Nothing can move from inside the event horizon to the outside, even briefly." Also, remember: Black holes have no hair!!! Look at this guy, he studied black holes! Learn from his mistakes! Use your manequins as test jumpers and proceed with caution. Call me from black hole, that will prove information can escape from black holes and we'll win the Nobel Prize! Yuri i see your turkey day went by fine.
  7. hey yaall, we just got a place in dublin, and i will be looking for objects in the area in the near future. if you currently jump something and know of particular peculiarities about your objects, speak up, for i will find them. i don't want to burn it for anybody. :)
  8. who was it and who did the imaging?
  9. in that case i'm gonna have to cough up that twenty dollars.
  10. wouldn't it be nice to have a map option with the database? i know anybody can copy and paste the dz address into a or mapquest, but it would be so easy to just click from dz list and see if a dropzone is close to you.
  11. it's another old song about skydiving, stones i think.
  12. what was it... dead or rotten or decomposing "parachutist woman"? from way back
  13. nipples??? what planet are you from? there is only one thing we like to have sucked...
  14. I'm with you, pbr is good. %alcohol/$ my vote goes to guiness though...