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  1. paradan

    AR2 AAD

    Thank you, aliencico. The information received from Yourself, and LouDiamond, is precisely what I needed to hear. I will look for another device to fit the rig I am looking at. I appreciate the expert advice.
  2. paradan

    AR2 AAD

    Thank you LouDiamond, for the valuable information and the benefit of your experience. It is exactly the kind of info I was looking for. I will not jump this AAD. The reason I was asking about it, is that it comes with an MC4 I want to purchase. So, I will have to find out if a civilian AAD can be fitted to the rig, Cypres perhaps.
  3. paradan

    AR2 AAD

    Is anybody out there familiar with the L.J. Engineering Model 451-500 AR2 AAD? Specifically, does it have a shelf life, or can it be rebuilt/refurbished. Is it approved For civilian use?