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  1. Saturday May 23, 2020, Gary Morgan Passed away from a long fight with Cancer. Gary was owner / operator of Sky's The Limit Skydiving Center for around 30 years. As a Cessna DZ, he kept a great family feeling, welcoming anyone and everyone. Skys the Limit was for many years the only Permenent drop zone south of San Antonio, and was the only way "locals" got to see civilian skydiving, either participating on a tandem, or on the many demo's into local festivals and school sporting events, also many navy personnel called this dz home through the years given his close proximity to several navy bases. He closed the DZ several years back due to issues at the private airfield and wanting to spend time with his family. His family is planning an ash dive, no dates set yet. Blue skies Gary
  2. agreed Port A is a great "almost " secret. It's actually where a lot of the locals like to go to get away from the heavy tourist areas
  3. Good point, I had forgotten about the swoop type incidents..
  4. ok, in light of a recent discussion at the dz, I would like to know just how many confirmed deaths by a modern (computerized) AAD. For clarity- an event where the AAD lead directly to the death of a person . Personally I cant imagine that there would be many & would have to think the confirmed saves far outway the potential risk..
  5. I have a Pro-track that has stopped working, I am looking for a state side repair facility. I know there used to be one in Deland area, but cannot find contact info for them. I am having NO luck or RESPONSES from the L&B website. I have done searches but no luck. Thanks in advance!
  6. Well Gang, the weather is looking to cooperate, Hi's upper 90's, lows mid 70's, NO real chance of rain, Traditional sea breeze in the afternoon about 15mph. The compound starts setting up Wednesday evening for fun & fishing! The Caravan Will show up Friday afternoon for a full weekend of jumping! There will be nightly food, $5 per person, A live band on the beach Saturday night! Just a reminder a beach parking sticker is required, if parked on the beach, unless your parking against the Parking Bollards.
  7. Buy a 2nd one for parts/maitanance!!
  8. Chuck, you always have such a way with words!
  9. thanks for the help guys, he sent me an awesome email, very inspiring
  10. Shorter drive for us by an HOUR maybe a bit more!!
  11. WOW what an edit, as one who see's carnage regularly.... of course the song helps!
  12. So taking 358/22 from I-37 to 361 is bad? If you are showing up past mid morning, You definitely want to take I37 to 358 EB to Pk rd 22 (Flour bluff) across the causeway, Left at 1st light (361) - North to Port A From northern areas if you take 35 to 361 in Aransas Pass, have plenty of time, lots to drink & lots of fuel, Ferry lines in excess of 1 1/2 hrs are very common during spring break even on weekdays. Remember, evening commute back onto the mainland across the ferry will be very long as well