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  1. Mr. Chuck Akers Personally you may of hit my roommate Brad and I at a bad time with that reply. ONE day after we found out roommate is dead from suicide. Sorry you didn't reply to all our texts. It's a complicated syndrome . I would advise you to call The Harris County Homicide Division for more info. Till the shut up! As the DZO of Skydive Houston, Stay off Skydive Houston existing and future projects. Kind Regards, Todd W. Bell DZO, Skydive Houston www.skydivehouston.com
  2. #25, Yes! Hopefully it will keep the kids from wanting someone to teach them to swoop. www.skydivehouston.com
  3. Sometimes being a DZO can be fun. A group funjumpers from Skydive Houston served this on me today, 45 days before we move our DZ to Eagle Lake. 50 Miles WSW of Houston. I hope you enjoy as much as I did. Answers are on the bottom of the demand letter. “New Skydive Houston Dropzone Requirements and Demands” 1.Everyone needs a place to live on the dropzone 2.1 private kitchen, 1 kitchen for the dropzone café (Hotflash) 3.Volleyball court, Racquet ball court, Bowling alley 4.Personal masseuse’s 5.Personal golf carts 6.1000’x1000’ Swoop pond w/ 6 jet ski’s and wakeboarding boat. 7.All meals provided 8.All beer provided 9.Ladies of the night provided 10.Jager machine provded (3) 11.New rigs for everyone 12.Someone to accompany us on each jump to pull for us and perform EP’s 13.Adult/Baby changing station 14.Shuttle service to Tomball every 30 minutes (Bell 407 Helicopter) 15.Day care facilities 16.Dog kennel’s 17.Two 2011 Twin Otters w/ -34’s, 1 CASA, 1 Hawker 550 for the Boogie tour. 18.One Hot air balloon 19.One Midget 20.Someone to smoke for us 21.16’ Skyventure Tunnel 22.Personal packers 23.Xgloo tents for the boogies 24.Keg landing facility (20,000 acres) Sincerely, SDH Fun Jumper Board of Directors "Skydive Houston, DZO Answers and Disclaimers to Demands" 1.NO! 2.NO! You get one café so bring your wallet. 3.Yes, but volleyball court only 4.NO! 5.Hell NO! 6.1000 by 1000? Are you out of your mind? How about a lake! 7.No! 8.Special events only. 9.Go to Vegas. 10.Yes, but the SDH FJBOD must pay for it. 11.NO! 12.NO! 13.Wipe your own ass. 14.NO! 15.NO! 16.NO! 17.Hmmmm 18.NO! 19.Sounds pretty cool to me. 20.NO! 21.NO! 22.For hire only 23.NO! 24.NO! Respectfully, TB DZO, Skydive Houston www.skydivehouston.com
  4. Family, friends and Staff at Skydive Spaceland. We at SDH were truly shocked to here of the death of Dennis. Many of our staff also grieves from previously working with him in an operational status out of state. He is loved by many and is always known for his quotes, mustache, sock and smile. He is a great lover of the sky and will truly be missed. From your friends' up north, please know our best wishes are with you, the family and your staff during these times of sorrow. SDH www.skydivehouston.com
  5. 3) Pick a place and date, and get started (I'm sure we could talk TB into hosting)!! I suppose you're talking about me. OK, I'm in. www.skydivehouston.com
  6. Goat Shit, aka soil. Maybe some weed eating services or gutter cleaning. Sorry Gary, I have not seen his business plan. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/TheSkydiveHoustonGoat?ref=ts www.skydivehouston.com
  7. Ron is a great man. He helped Kristi and I on student status. Ron was always positive around the DZ and in his slot on jumps. He will be truly missed. Texas skydiving has lost a loyal skydiver. Respectfully, TB Fuck Cancer! www.skydivehouston.com
  8. Darrell, You will be missed. We were all hurt with the news today. You will be missed. Blue Skies my friend. TB&KWB www.skydivehouston.com
  9. Wow, The event is over:) Saturday turned in to beerfest at 2:00pm due to weather. Sunday was our competition day. 36 PAC Loads, No injuries or cutaways. Great to see old friends and new. We now know the PAC750XL will be the best plane to team up with our Super Twin Otter. Have fun and stay safe everyone. manifest out! www.skydivehouston.com
  10. Thanks from your friends and family at Skydive Houston!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!! Todd and Kristi www.skydivehouston.com
  11. They are both good DZs'. N0 matter what, check out PF Changs in the Woodlands. Tell Head Chef AJ that you want the dirty skydiver. It is to die for! See everyone in the morning at NATIONALS.. TB www.skydivehouston.com
  12. I offer tandem or AFF, but maybe you can meet in the middle with a tandem progression program? Just a thought, BUT please dear SIR finish your school. Regards, TB www.skydivehouston.com
  13. I will not let him jump on my DZ. I would advise to consult KWB because she handles the marketing and punishing program at SDH. Other than that, Educate the DZO of the other respective facility to figure it out. He's your team rate athlete now!! SDH www.skydivehouston.com
  14. Ray, Will you be my teammate? www.skydivehouston.com
  15. A hog, clean pool, party and 15$ jumps all weekend long! Sounds like a good time. www.skydivehouston.com