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  1. RIP Jimmy. It's been a long time since I was here. Sorry for everyone's loss. He was truly a good dude. This is why I left.
  2. Not to cross post here, but has any info been shared about the cause? Still sucks for all. I'm just curiois because Flip was a fantastic pilot and a consummate professonial.
  3. Sad to hear. Flip was a fun guy to be around. BSBD brother. I'm not sure if I ever met Jim though, the last name doesn't rig any bells, still sucks. BSBD Mick.
  4. Actually, a lot of jumpers never get past the Racer's looks to give it serious consideration. Check out LeeroyJenkins' post of 1-6 post #92. I've also seen comments on other threads regarding the dated look of the Racer. But your other comments I've already alluded to in my post of 1-5 post #84 when I mention that a lot of jumpers just buy what everyone else buys - the herd mentality. I think part of the reason is because it saves them a lot of research time. They figure that the majority can't be wrong. Or perhaps they're just afraid to be the first one on their DZ with a rig that no one else there is jumping. Question: Is the Reflex's adjustable reserve loop adjustable without breaking the seal like the Racer's? Yes. The cap is removable. It has elastic to secure it to the hard cap. The loop is then fully exposed and field adjustable.
  5. BSBD Larry, didn't know you very well, but always a gentleman every time we encountered. so sad for friends and family. Fly free my friend. the sky diving world has lost yet another piller of original foundation of modern day skydiving. RIP Brother. Mick
  6. Aviation legend. RIP. God speed John Young.
  7. Good to see theyre still out there going strong in places. Mick.
  8. Two questions, two answers. 1. No, it was not the defining reason why we stopped building rigs anymore. It did however take some of the wind out of our sails, as it was a close personal friend of ours. Remember, the industry had been in the doldrums for a couple years and as a relatively new business with a high debt load it was very tough to stay afloat under those conditions. ask anyone who starts any new venture how tough a business cycle can be. 2. Understanding that not everyone would be onboard with the Catapult system at the outset, we decided to double drop test the Reflex both with and without the Catapult. Two separate sets of drop tests using the same H/C system, both using the exact same testing criteria. The reason for the Catapult versus pockets is very straightforward, pockets dont produce enough drag to lift off a 5 to 7 pound packed parachute in the event of a horseshoe type malfunction. Thats all there is to it, pure and simple. like all businessmen, we approached it as a sound business model. Hope this clears up any ambiguity you may have. Mick.
  9. While we have your attention RiggerMick - any chance the Reflex will come back? They still have a core following (at least around here!) My rig designing/ building days are behind me, im over it. Do miss the creative part though. Dont miss all the BS that comes with being in a small community with too many gear manufacturers competing. Im glad theyre still holding up for you, I built them to last. To address the speculators; The reason we and several others went out of business around that time was due to the downturn in the industry around the turn of the century, pure and simple. The skydiving industry business climate back then just sucked. I think a lot of people got out of the sport around that time. Not sure if Trident is still building them or not. Mick.
  10. Yup. They're real, that's the sheet I published back in rhe 90's. Knock yourself out. Mick.
  11. Still think about it lots, truly a sad day. Lost many friends that day. BSBD all. Wow how time flys, seems like yesterday. Take care all. Mick and family.
  12. Oh my god this terrible news. Ive known paul since at least the early eightys, this just sucks. What happened? He was a true innovater. I remember him designing and building gear bags at Jim McLeans house when they were roomies, he took that raw talent and went far with it. The world has lost a true innovator. RIP Jyro.
  13. Ah shit, that sucks. Russ was one of the good guys. RIP Russ. Hope you're doing well Craig. M
  14. ***Bill, the worst malfunction you can get on pull out is a total. Not quite true, the worst malfunction I ever had on a pull out, was an open main container and horse shoe of said pull out. Think 6' of bridle looped back on itself with a jammed main pilot chute. Wasn't fun. How it was resolved is a tale for another day. M.
  15. How is it positioned? How does that work? Can you post a picture? Woomera, from Australia. Circa: 1970's-1980's