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  1. riggermick

    Larry Bagley

    BSBD Larry, didn't know you very well, but always a gentleman every time we encountered. so sad for friends and family. Fly free my friend. the sky diving world has lost yet another piller of original foundation of modern day skydiving. RIP Brother. Mick
  2. riggermick

    John Young.

    Aviation legend. RIP. God speed John Young.
  3. riggermick


    Not Mil spec. it's a sail makers reinforcing tape. I'm away from my specs book right now so can't give you a designation or source. Try a sail makers supply store. Mick.
  4. riggermick

    Duct Tape Stickum

    Use isopropal alchaol and a coarse sponge. Mick.
  5. riggermick

    Blue Skies Tom Slocum

    Miss you Tom, a true freind you always were. Mick and Barrie.
  6. riggermick

    Beezy Shaw, Happy Birthday

    Nice one George, RIP Beezy. Hope all is well with you, miss him, very tallented guy. Take care. Mick.
  7. riggermick

    Gone But Not Forgotten! PV22 April 22, 1992

    A sad day indeed. I can't believe it's been sixteen years, seems so recent. BSBD all. Mick. PS: Hi Jeanie.
  8. riggermick


    We sold our business to Ray Farrell @ Action Air in 2001. We closed our doors, as did some others due to the stagnent state of the skydiving market in the late 90's. Being a relativly new start up we did not possess the operating capital to sustain ourselves through the market low. That's about it, a business decision pure and simple. There was no "husband and wife" fatalitiy as mentioned in your post. We were sued by the widow of a close friend of ours who died after a line snagged a grommet on his main container. This had no bearing on our decision to sell our business, granted it did not help. The decision was made because of market factors. So, to put to to rest any rumors that we were "sued out of business", it just isn't so. I know, because I was there and was one of the defendants in the suit. Hope this clears up any falsehoods circulating out there. Mick Cottle (former) VP Engineering, Fliteline Systems,Inc.
  9. riggermick

    Sewing in ZP/F111 fabric - need help! =D

    Wildfire is F111. If you have a soldering iron file the tip down to a point and use a metal or wood straight edge to cut with. It'll do in a pinch. Mick.
  10. riggermick

    The simple 'Big Grommet' mod?

    >-doesn't allow for a collapsable pilot chute Note that this is only because no one has built such a pilot chute yet. Heck, the simple "big grommet" mod would effectively give you a collapsible PC for a ripcord-based system. Big brass number 8 grommet seated on the top of your deployment bag instead of a smaller one (either S/S or brass). It's the grommet that your bridle passes through. A number 8 will allow the deployment bag to slide along the bridle after the canopy has cleared the bag. When the bag reaches the pilot chute it will slide 50 to 75% up the mesh section of said pilot chute effectivly chokeing it off, presto collapsed pilot chute!!! The down side: Over a relativly short time it will destroy your pilot chute, requiring you to buy a new one much sooner. Another down side is, it is MUCH easier to get some canopy top skin material caught in the grommet along with the bridal which will increase your chances for canopy top skin damage or a potential cut away from a catastrophic failure or enough material at the right place to cause an uncontrollable spin. There you have it! If you are a careful packer the malfunction/ damage can be reduced/ eliminted, but the poor old pilot chute will still get the snot beaten out if it every time. It's you're call. Mick.
  11. There are two ways to make a container long and skinny (measured from yoke to BOC and from back pad to pins side) like the old jav or shorter and fatter like the new jav. Actually there are three basic was to design a rig the two you mentioned and the third: thin and wide, thats how most rigs were made in the late 70's. Sorry, didn't mean to interupt your thread but did ask for "factual information". Mick.
  12. riggermick

    Sky Dive! The Movie, or was it Wings?

    Don't know where it came from and haven't seen it in 20 + years, but I do remember the quote " happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to see them come true" It was, and still is my credo!! I, personally feel that was the movie that turbo kicked skydiving into the "new age". Hell, it was Sky Capers that actually got me started in the first place!! I met Carl on one ocassion at Perris years ago and he left a lasting impression on me. I guess we all have our heros. Most of my early heros were not superstars or the "industry" people, but the local guys that just had common sense. The late 70's was a great time to begin "the journey" into the skydiving scene. Most of he really scary shit was leaving the stage and new innovaions were beginning to arrive on the scene. These people left and still do ,have a huge footprint on the equipment industry today. Looking back, it wasn't really that long ago, really! Mick.
  13. riggermick

    Reflex Container Size

    R 550. Reserve size aprox 450 cu in, main size aprox 530 cu in. Good for Raven II res and Sabre 190 main size canopies. Mick.
  14. riggermick

    Slider Grommet Problem

    Momentary riser hang up? It would cause a preload on the line group. Also what are the two red horizontal marks on the far right line? Anything to do with it? Food for thought anyway. Mick. Also the grommet appears to be 180 deg out from it's original position judging by the matching rectangular hole and piece left on the side of the grommet. A possible clue perhaps? It does show the grommet gave way from the slider material from the inside edge rather than the outer one next to the binding tape.