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  1. RIP Jim hooper, didn't know you well but met you a few times, always a good dude. Fly free brother.
  2. We used to manifest him as Greg Reynolds (grim reapor) from the local Perris film at that time to get him on any week day load, but Lou (his mom) the manifester knew it was Ed, she always looked the other way. He was 16 when we first met . I was 6 years his older but we were both kids and boy did we have fun. Boy did we do some crazy shit back then together. Every stupid dumb shit crazy thing you could think of, we did it. To soon my friend.
  3. Oh my God this is terrible, two friends in as many months. Blue Sky's Ed. Boy did we have fun in the 80s. You should have been last on the list. Great picture of you and a deer in Yosemite back in the day hanging in the bomb shelter. Fly free my friend. Mick. PS: Yes Rob it is the same Ed from Perris back in the day.
  4. This terrible news. Jeremy was my friend and mentor when I first came to Perris. We worked in the Para center loft together for several years and were next door neighbors in the ghetto. Very sad, condolences to all who knew him. Mick.
  5. Ray Farrell of action air in Davis CA owns all of the intellectual and physical assets of Flightline Inc, has done since 2001. What he intended or still intends to do is up to him, I have no dog in that hunt. I personally have some stuff, but not a lot. If you need a part or some insight maybe I can help. Ray is your go to guy for everything Reflex related, that's it. Hope this clears things up for you and everyone else. All the best. Mick.
  6. Main pilot chutes from most rigs are interchangeable, you may need a competent rigger to replace it. I may have a spare or two I can give you, I'll look. As far as custom parts go, contact Ray Farrell at action air in Davis CA, he has all of the intellectual and physical property for the Reflex. If he doesn't have a part on hand he should be able to fabricate one for you.
  7. 410 cubic inches, stillletto 170, main pack tray Mick.
  8. RIP Jimmy. It's been a long time since I was here. Sorry for everyone's loss. He was truly a good dude. This is why I left.
  9. Not to cross post here, but has any info been shared about the cause? Still sucks for all. I'm just curiois because Flip was a fantastic pilot and a consummate professonial.
  10. Sad to hear. Flip was a fun guy to be around. BSBD brother. I'm not sure if I ever met Jim though, the last name doesn't rig any bells, still sucks. BSBD Mick.
  11. Actually, a lot of jumpers never get past the Racer's looks to give it serious consideration. Check out LeeroyJenkins' post of 1-6 post #92. I've also seen comments on other threads regarding the dated look of the Racer. But your other comments I've already alluded to in my post of 1-5 post #84 when I mention that a lot of jumpers just buy what everyone else buys - the herd mentality. I think part of the reason is because it saves them a lot of research time. They figure that the majority can't be wrong. Or perhaps they're just afraid to be the first one on their DZ with a rig that no one else there is jumping. Question: Is the Reflex's adjustable reserve loop adjustable without breaking the seal like the Racer's? Yes. The cap is removable. It has elastic to secure it to the hard cap. The loop is then fully exposed and field adjustable.
  12. BSBD Larry, didn't know you very well, but always a gentleman every time we encountered. so sad for friends and family. Fly free my friend. the sky diving world has lost yet another piller of original foundation of modern day skydiving. RIP Brother. Mick