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  1. skydvr18

    This "2-stage flare" thing

    For those who have jumped 9-cells but now jump a 7-cell (I have an old Triathlon with 4.0 mod): how is your flare different? Personally, I've found it takes a quicker flare to get it to plane out (versus a slow & steady like a 9-cell), I figure because a 7-cell sinks more than it glides. I've also found I need to flare a tad earlier with my Tri - perhaps because of its faster descent rate. The rest is the same once I've planed out. Judging the right flare altitude & how quickly to flare has been tricky. I've found myself sliding in at half brakes, or planing out high enough I prepared to PLF. And I've waited too long, realized it, so did a fast top-to-bottom - still landed on my feet, but I would credit luck more than technique. The only time I've gotten my Tri to pop back up was the same situation, but was after the 4.0 mod on a windy day when my brake lines were too short - maybe popped back up a foot, then it gently set me down on my feet. Again, wouldn't do that on purpose. Anybody else jump a 7-cell that can explain their flare? Call it what you want, terminology isn't my concern.
  2. Yep - 5 months ago, resumed after 15.5 years out, & life's been grand since. I started at 16; made 280 jumps from 97 - 03, most in 00-01; C-license (was then D-qualified); & was S/L jumpmaster. Got sick in 03, told I'd never jump again. Illness was fixed & I was cleared to jump 2 years ago. 3/17 of this year, I returned & have made 40-ish jumps since. After talking to DZO, S&TA, & a few Instructors, S&TA decided I just needed to do a recurrency jump - I had already been studying most-recent SIM so knew a lot has changed (ie, exit order, minimum opening altitude). We talked for a while, then we went to 14k (S&TA also Instructor); I did R360/L360/BL/FL/RBR/LBR series, turned/tracked/pulled on time, landed without radio (on my feet), so he cleared me to do whatever I wanted. I took it upon myself to progress like a student - ie, started by doing solos & pulling high, because I was not (& am not) in a hurry to get back to focusing on turning points on 4-ways or doing big ways - I'm happy to be back in the air, so I'm consciously progressing slowly. I would recommend getting somebody to video you (everybody with 200+ jumps has a camera now); most probably will if you pay for their jump & maybe pack job. Any problems you can't fix on your own, you might get a coach. It also helps just having somebody to do a pin check, find out what the load is doing & thus when to board plane, find out ground speed & thus separation time. For a while, just thinking about the jump was overwhelming for me - by pulling high, I always found a TI or AFF on the load to tell them I was pulling high & make sure I was supposed to board first (yes - & by letting them know, they'll correct other jumpers that give you shit when you hop on plane first); I would get a pin check from them; even though not relevant because I was pulling high, I would ask how much separation time they wanted (which I was told to let pilot know I was pulling high, then ask for ground speed on jump run, which determines separation time). Any questions on ride to altitude (ie, what landing pattern is), TI/AFF is right there to answer. Having a coach used to help me with pre-jump nervousness as a student, but it was expensive; after return this year, pulling high ensured I had Instructor in front of me I could ask questions & remind me "seatbelts/handles." It also ensured I had the air to myself. Glad you are returning - the air is wonderful up here!
  3. skydvr18

    Getting back into skydiving

    I'm in same situation - last jump in 2003 (after making 280 jumps). I'm 37 & decided 10 days ago to return to sport. Amazing how things have changed. "Cypres has a lifespan? Why is every dz around me a Cessna DZ now? No jumpmasters anymore? Wingsuit & camera are standard gear? Tandem only DZs?" Good luck with your return; hope you'll keep us updated. Blue ones.
  4. skydvr18

    How old were you when starting BASE?

    20...October 2001, the Spud S
  5. skydvr18

    On Morbid Jokes

    You're right, Zennie, this was definitely not cool. Thanks, Tom, for removing the thread.