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  1. For those who have jumped 9-cells but now jump a 7-cell (I have an old Triathlon with 4.0 mod): how is your flare different? Personally, I've found it takes a quicker flare to get it to plane out (versus a slow & steady like a 9-cell), I figure because a 7-cell sinks more than it glides. I've also found I need to flare a tad earlier with my Tri - perhaps because of its faster descent rate. The rest is the same once I've planed out. Judging the right flare altitude & how quickly to flare has been tricky. I've found myself sliding in at half brakes, or planing out high enough I prepared to PLF. And I've waited too long, realized it, so did a fast top-to-bottom - still landed on my feet, but I would credit luck more than technique. The only time I've gotten my Tri to pop back up was the same situation, but was after the 4.0 mod on a windy day when my brake lines were too short - maybe popped back up a foot, then it gently set me down on my feet. Again, wouldn't do that on purpose. Anybody else jump a 7-cell that can explain their flare? Call it what you want, terminology isn't my concern.
  2. Yep - 5 months ago, resumed after 15.5 years out, & life's been grand since. I started at 16; made 280 jumps from 97 - 03, most in 00-01; C-license (was then D-qualified); & was S/L jumpmaster. Got sick in 03, told I'd never jump again. Illness was fixed & I was cleared to jump 2 years ago. 3/17 of this year, I returned & have made 40-ish jumps since. After talking to DZO, S&TA, & a few Instructors, S&TA decided I just needed to do a recurrency jump - I had already been studying most-recent SIM so knew a lot has changed (ie, exit order, minimum opening altitude). We talked for a while, then we went to 14k (S&TA also Instructor); I did R360/L360/BL/FL/RBR/LBR series, turned/tracked/pulled on time, landed without radio (on my feet), so he cleared me to do whatever I wanted. I took it upon myself to progress like a student - ie, started by doing solos & pulling high, because I was not (& am not) in a hurry to get back to focusing on turning points on 4-ways or doing big ways - I'm happy to be back in the air, so I'm consciously progressing slowly. I would recommend getting somebody to video you (everybody with 200+ jumps has a camera now); most probably will if you pay for their jump & maybe pack job. Any problems you can't fix on your own, you might get a coach. It also helps just having somebody to do a pin check, find out what the load is doing & thus when to board plane, find out ground speed & thus separation time. For a while, just thinking about the jump was overwhelming for me - by pulling high, I always found a TI or AFF on the load to tell them I was pulling high & make sure I was supposed to board first (yes - & by letting them know, they'll correct other jumpers that give you shit when you hop on plane first); I would get a pin check from them; even though not relevant because I was pulling high, I would ask how much separation time they wanted (which I was told to let pilot know I was pulling high, then ask for ground speed on jump run, which determines separation time). Any questions on ride to altitude (ie, what landing pattern is), TI/AFF is right there to answer. Having a coach used to help me with pre-jump nervousness as a student, but it was expensive; after return this year, pulling high ensured I had Instructor in front of me I could ask questions & remind me "seatbelts/handles." It also ensured I had the air to myself. Glad you are returning - the air is wonderful up here!
  3. I'm in same situation - last jump in 2003 (after making 280 jumps). I'm 37 & decided 10 days ago to return to sport. Amazing how things have changed. "Cypres has a lifespan? Why is every dz around me a Cessna DZ now? No jumpmasters anymore? Wingsuit & camera are standard gear? Tandem only DZs?" Good luck with your return; hope you'll keep us updated. Blue ones.
  4. So by getting arrested while trying to jump the ESB...he proved that parachutes could've saved lives on 9/11???? Had he pulled it off, that might've been a different story. But he didn't, so he proved nothing related to saving lives on 9/11. There are many laws (reckless endangerment included) that encompass "attempts." Just because he failed doesn't prove him not's still a crime that he TRIED.
  5. Nope...I've gotta agree with you, Skin. Jeb says, "Yeah, but, you know what, if anything, this shows people that you can survive events like 9/11. I mean, it really does. You can survive, you know." WHAT is he talking about???? "To me, it's VERY important, that whenever I go into any BASE jump, that I'm not breaking the law." - Jeb and "Well, actually, technically to this point, I've never broken the law BASE jumping." - Jeb Anybody else find those last two statements hard to believe???? Even if he didn't make the ESB jump, his attempt broke several laws.
  6. In reply to skymama's delete...only re-posting what PLFXpert posted in a PM
  7. edited for personal attack
  8. Ah, I understand. You don't want me to be friends with non-whites, correct? Sorry, ...but I will be friends with whoever I want, no matter what color their skin is. edited for personal attack
  9. Josh are the one who in the PMs has such a problem with the n-word, yet my two friends from Kenya counsdier YOU a racist, because they can't be called "my niggas," because they're not African-American..they are Africans, on a student-exchange program. WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM, CAN MY DARK-SKINNED FRIENDS FROM KENYA NOT BE MY NIGGAS, JUST LIKE I'M THEIR BLOND-HAIRED, BLUE-EYED NIGGA?
  10. Until I hear from him (or HER??)...Steel's truck SUCKS!!!! Steel can take up for her (or him?) if it's steering wheel can't.
  11. Hey Steel...I'm from Mississippi...and I think YOUR TRUCK SUCKS!!!!!!! Being from Mississippi, how would you respond to my post?
  12. Yep, the FULL name was another sure indicator that I was in trouble
  13. Yep...the spanking and switches didn't work for me, it took "the belt." Different strokes for different folks...pun intended