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  1. Zlew

    sony a5000 picture issue

    The iso button is easy to bump. I tape minde dowin on the 5100. Lost some pics by accidentally setting isolated to like 3200. I shoot shutter priorit, auto isolated, aND shutter at 1/500 when shooting the 20mm for tandems.
  2. The A5100 is a good choice. I hear it is getting hard to find now though (long back orders). Light weight, amazing autofocus, APS-C sensor size, 6 frames a second and a side card load.... it's tough not to like it. The lens selection isn't as strong as the canons, but esp for a first setup it is more than adequate. The kit lens really isn't bad at all. I knew a few people who use it for tandems (I like the 20mm prime myself). I use it now and then. Its a little slow at 3.5, but not bad. One thing to remember is that it's fly by wire, so you have to set the zoom each time it turns on or wakes up. It won't remember that you had it zoomed to a specific setting and goes back to 16mm. 50mm is a pretty good zoom on a crop camera, but it isn't a "reach out and touch someone" telephoto. The good news is you can buy other lenses if you decide you have other specialty needs.
  3. Zlew

    AVCHD editing

    I use Vegas and it doesn't have any issues mixing the two.
  4. Zlew

    Mokacam - magnets=bad

    I can't think it would be an issue. Some loads have dozens of neodymium magnets on them. Jumpsuit zipper covers have them... Riser covers have them.... Some stowless bags have them... edit to add- slider keepers.... the things are everywhere... As far as I know they have never created any issues, and I can't imagine this little camera having one would cause a problem if it was on someone's helmet.
  5. Zlew

    GoPro (narrow) Vs. Sony CX115

    One big thing is the vibration/shake. I actually did some testing with the gopro on Medium this weekend, and it looked pretty good. (need to see it on a bigger screen tonight). THe more you zoom in, the more shake becomes a problem, and without image stabilization, just walking around with a gopro on Narrow can show the issue. I've seen some competition gopro footage on either medium or narrow that while judgable.... was REALLY shaky. Could also have had to do with the helmets they were using...but IMO it wasn't video you could sell. My dream camera- GoPro... with a Turend On...that has Image Stabilization and a medium fileld of view.
  6. Zlew


    http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=3894693;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sn2BCmnDUUM http://www.skydivemag.com/article/20130828-c-is-for-camera-and-common-sense
  7. Zlew

    What is 'in the corner'?

    My understanding is the term came from "Coffin's Corner" used in aviation. I"m sure some more complex/accurate answers are to come, but the Cliff's notes- When a canopy dives, it takes time to recover from that dive. There is a point in that recovery where it is difficult or even impossible to recover before a given altitude. That is "the corner". Exaggerated Example- On my canopy if I point it at the ground with a hard turn at 100 feet... i'm going to break into little bits. No amount of rears or toggles will save me. I'm "deep in the corner" and i'm going to hit the ground. In canopy flight, when you see people turn too low, and dig out with brakes, they are "in the corner" and saving their ass with toggle input (and killing their speed/swoop at the same time). THat's what the article is referring to.
  8. Zlew

    SONY a5100 tandem stills lens advice

    I like the kit lens for general shooting. The downside is it is fly by wire (assuming the 5100 is the same as the Nex3N). When you turn the camera off, you lose your focal length (that is, if you set it to 30mm, turn the camera off and back on, it will turn back on at 16mm). I can tell pretty closely without even having to look at it...so I use it most of the time for shooting team stuff. It would work ok for tandems too. For tandems I shoot the 20mm. It's crisp, fast, and really small. 20mm is a good focal length for me and you don't have to worry about setting the zoom. I think the 16 would be fine too if you fly really close.
  9. Zlew

    Sony A6000

    I'm kinda sad to hear this. I have the nex 3N and really like it. Battery lasts for ever and is really easy to use. Was thinking of moving to upgrade to the 6000 soon.
  10. Zlew

    Best Camera for Filming 4-way

    I'm in a real similar boat and will be interested to see the feedback on here. I also want Hypeye support and wide (but not gopro wide) primary camera angle. As far as I know, the most modern CX style camera that will support a Hypeye is the CX430. That is a several year old camera...and you may not be able to find a new one. But it has BOSS, and works with the hypeye. What I really want- Gopro to come out with the next camera that has image stabilization that will give a clean picture at a medium filed of view...slap a TurnedOn on the back, and be good to go. My current setup is a CX150 with a .5x, and a GoPro/Turned On as backup.
  11. I can think of a few folks who might be interested. What point average are you guys shooting for? How often are you training? Is your team name cool?
  12. I have a VE and VK of the same size. Some things are really familiar, but the significant changes I've found- Openings- Very different. Less shake, more on heading, shorter snivle, less of the mushy transition between the slider being up and coming down. Turns- More sensitive to all turn inputs. Very "rolly" into the turns. Landing- Way way way more power on the rears. You can stay on them much longer than on the velo, and then still have more power to shut it down on toggles. Speed- On bigger turns it is noticeable on on how much more speed it will generate. on smaller ones, and general flight, seems similar.
  13. Zlew

    pd's orange vectran

    From what i've seen, they start to lighten pretty quickly.
  14. Zlew

    Action camera for stills ?

    I shoot a Hero 3 black, and the stills are pretty good in the right conditions. They are 12 meg, and fine for printing or even publishing. You can set it up to take pictures continuously (i think max is 2/second), and you can also have it take video and also take a still every 5 seconds.
  15. Zlew

    Trying to update my helmet/gear...

    looks like you can still get boxes for the cx100-150 line. http://www.chutingstar.com/skydive/rawa-cx100-105-camera-box-3409 http://www.chutingstar.com/skydive/catalogsearch/result/?q=bonehead+cx http://www.chutingstar.com/skydive/cookie-blackbox-cx100-130 Before getting my FTP, I had a CX150 side mounted with the cookie box. worked fine. Could you go with an action cam? I know some DZs do, and some don't, but the new sony with IS seems really appealing to me.