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  1. Just did my first 12 tandem videos! Anybody have any experience in editing AVCHD togheter with mp4(gopro)?
  2. an ax33 is my dream but as i said.. this is my first tandem video over. Going with two gorpo but what really matters is the flying;) Any tips? Jumping from a cessna 182/175. How was you guyses first tandem filming experiences? Do i use my wings, slick suit, ff suit? What studen/instructor combo requiers me to were what suit?
  3. Iver

    150 in a V319

    Great! Thanks for the advice. How about a 135 7 cell/zpx/lpv? would that fit a v319? What aspect of jumping a op126/S2150 is stupid? My ability to land it safely? or differanses in linelenght?
  4. Just got my tandem video papers and i am doing my first tandem in a couple of weeks (cessna 182). I am eager to hear all advice you have for me! Spesifically your editing worklflow, music(licensensed og not?), flying, safety and everything else. Planning to shot on a cx 115 (Wide angle lens) and a Hero 4 Black, Recommended settings? filming without an hypeye, is it better to go with to gopros maybey?
  5. Iver

    150 in a V319

    Does anybody have somexperience into craming a 150 into a V319? I know the chart says its impossible and all but it has been wrong before;) The rig has a OP 126 witch the chart marks as regular fit. How about 135's? 7 cells, zpx, lpv? How low must i go? I want a small rig goddamit!
  6. I have been doing a lot of reaserch lately into what camerasetup i want to go for. Lacking a mentor or experienced cameraflyer to ask for advice i was hopping some of you guys can help me
  7. Hi I have been shooting on a gopro and i greatly enjoy filming and making films. (The most recent one being: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GN5CsCIVb70) I have been saving up to upgrade my camera set up. I rock a G3 with a hero 3. I have been loking at buying a new open face helmet. A tonyfly helmet looks most realistic. I want to mount my gopro for debrifing students and teams and a DSLR or camcorder. I am also looking into using a indicaor light and hypeye. Does anyone have any recomondations on what gear to buy, where to buy it from, what kind of camera and model would be good and how to set it all up? All help is greatly apriciated!