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  1. D22369

    Valkyrie - what a lady

    AHA!! your one of those!!! grats on your new love
  2. D22369

    My name is Sasan

    a skydiver is no longer a tourist on his 10th anniversary but welcome, sounds like ya got the bug
  3. D22369

    Need opinions

    personally I think its a great idea - you will know immediately if your sliding or moving around or if your the slightest bit unstable in a very controlled setting. your anxiety will be lower and you will be able to focus on what you want to do without the adrenaline rush of freefall. imo it will help put you "in shape" for your step back into the sport. but being out for that long prior to being licensed you should definitely find out from the dzo/s&ta what will they require you to do - I would expect it to include sitting through the jump course again and a jump with an instructor prior to being recertified good to go solo. Roy
  4. D22369

    Raven reserve sizing

    raven I - 181 sq ft raven II 218' raven III 249' raven IV 282' this was my downsize path till I hit zero porosity
  5. D22369

    iFly Seattle

    Friendly instructors who are incredibly talented and take the time to explain what you need to be doing and how to do it. My 11yr old son made his 1st flight june 25th and spend the next two days talking about the next trip. Our instructor Brandon obviously loves his job :-)
  6. D22369

    Loving My Spectre!!!

    spectres are great canopys, enjoy those soft openings
  7. D22369

    right bicep bruise WTF

    you would have to be tumbling for the riser to get ya on the bicep. the culprit is probably the harness. Roy
  8. D22369

    freefly friendly rig with Spectre 150

    wow - that is an awesome offer, I am sure there is someone to take you up on it. years ago when I had just started working for the dz I had old gutter gear, many many jumps on it, it was the start of a boogie that we had - one load of students on friday night then a weekend of partying, jumping and debauchery - my main blew the center cell out on that jump - no replacement, I was so upset I cant even put it into words, a jumper from idaho came up to me and handed me his brand new rig - everything new in it saying he had just recieved a call from work and he wouldnt be able to stay for the boogie... I was speechless - even back then a complete rig wasnt cheap and I had never met this jumper before that day, I really wish I could remember his name but its been a few years. his only request was to leave it with the dzo and not tear it up and if something was damaged to have it fixed or replaced - and no I couldnt pay him for the use of the rig - but I got sneaky since he wouldnt let me pay him *(I put 30$ wrapped around the reserve repack card) - it was the least I could do I ended up with three rigs at one time a few years later and often loaned them out to jumpers who needed them, paying it foreward was the right thing to do. you rock! Roy
  9. D22369

    Large oil cooler on C-182

    found this with google.com hope its helpfull http://www.niagaraairparts.com/ Roy
  10. D22369

    Great service from Larsen & Brusgaard

    Ya know, they might be the only mfg that I havent ever heard anything bad about their customer service. They are awesome and consistently go way above and beyond what a normal business would do. Roy
  11. D22369

    Double mal

    not so sure a 4' drag chute would help in any way as the main would probably spin just the same - your body would have less spin speed I am sure, but the canopy might still be pointed at the ground and would it slow the decent? I am not sure it would make an appreciable difference. several points on the video - unless the TI's where that jump was made deploy at a lower altitude than here then the tandem pulled at 5000' - 5500' the cameraman waited 4-5 seconds (not the 10 he stated on the interview) before deploying his main so he was around 3500ish at the lowest when it became obvious that the main was screwed. He pulled his reserve on his back, not sure if there was an rsl involved but you can clearly see the reserve bridal and pilot chute in the video... not once did I see him check an altimeter. unless I missed something he had plenty of time to get stable and pull the reserve which would likely have resulted in a non-incident ... In my mind the only time an unstable reserve pull is acceptable is when humming through 1k or thereabouts. being as stable as time allows in my mind is a better option than a drag chute *however that said, it is an interesting idea and I am not sure if it would help or hinder Roy
  12. D22369

    Amazing parachute fix

    Mighty MenditQuote pffff, glue, nahhhh, duct tape FTW !!!
  13. D22369

    What to do with an old PC

    I gave one of mine to my son with strict instructions to NOT jump off the roof with it like you, I couldnt think of any real use for it. Roy
  14. D22369

    What it's all about

    I agree wholeheartedly
  15. D22369

    to buy or not to buy

    ummm, take it for a test spin, or get a demo from the manufacturer. just cause someone else loves a canopy doesnt mean you wont hate it.... buying without testing could end up with you owning something you dont like... Roy