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  1. Sorry it took so long to reply, I don't get online a whole lot. I would post pictures of my girlfriends boobs if she wasn't my wife and would kill me As for the accident his brakes went out and hit my car on the passanger side doing 50 or so. Don't remember it but that's what I was told. I don't have any pictures of the damage but my brother took a few pictures of the car I just have to get them. It sucked, the weather was just starting to look good and then got to spend over a month in the hospital and one big ass bill that keeps adding up. Not worried though, the company is covering it. Asides from the slight numbness in my legs I'm doing alright. That is suppose to go away with time I guess(still seems like it's taking forever). But I came out with a broken right femur, right lung was punctured, slight brain hemorrhage(which got all of my long hair chopped off, still pissed at that) and lower disc hemorrhage which I guess is causing the numbness. I'm thankful to have comeout as well as I did. My mind is all good but I still can't remember certain things, can't hold my tattoo machines without a shake, have a hard time with playing my guitars but I'm alive and I will overcome or relearn haha. I will get some pictures for all of you sick shits. It's brutal! Stop looking at me
  2. Been some time since I have posted due to my accident that was not my fault(Got smashed by a tractor trailor). Not going to be jumping this season due to my still numb legs, but still wanted to say hi to everyone and hope everyone is having a good time and being safe. Stop looking at me
  3. Bad back problems since I was 19, stretching helps. Build your back muscles, balance balls are awesome. Your theighs I am guessing are from not being use to supporting your body weight during canopy flight. Maybe your leg straps suck. Stop looking at me
  4. The sun is setting somewhere right now! This is true! Stop looking at me
  5. Out on my patio drinking high life right now, vodka comes when the sun goes down. Stop looking at me
  6. I have never and never would tattoo anyone with blacklight ink. When it first came out everyone was saying it's FDA approved. It was FDA approved for use in dead fish. (No tattoo ink is approved) They would tattoo the fish on a fishing vessel with the boat code or whatever and as they came off, that's how they knew how many each boat had brought in. It was causing skin cancer in people who were getting tattooed with it. Look it up and read about it, it's out there. Most tattoo artist I know still won't tattoo with it. They might of improved on it but I still won't do it since I still don't know much about the stuff. Stop looking at me
  7. I know MAN its a bitch to hang on.... its much better to fly in the jets to get there... you get there and you are not nearly as tired. What can I say, I am cheap. I would just climb in under the gear but it just takes so much effort. Stop looking at me
  8. I am very much a backseat driver. My wife can't stand it. Stop looking at me
  9. Been sometime since I posted. Long ass winter. Anyways. I have no problem flying, have my private but I still hate flying on airline(jets). I think it's just that I am not sitting in or near the cockpit and can't see what's going on. I have flown plenty on jets but still can't get over that feeling. Anyone else get that feeling? Stop looking at me
  10. Yes, that was the same discussion they were having. Just, when you sext, make sure you get it to the correct phone number, or your penis may end up on dz.com. Or your boobs on facebook. Hum, something like that happened not to long ago on the dz.com blackberry chat. Not that I got a photo that was not meant from me from someone that I don't know and posted it for others to enjoy. I would never do that. Stop looking at me
  11. One, made the mistake of shacking up with a crazy. She wouldn't leave me alone, would show up to shows I was playing 500 miles from where she lived. She would show up at my door at 3am, had her arrested once. She would leave messages saying we were soul mates and that she would kill herself if she couldn't be with me(kind of wanted her too, she would of left me alone then!). She was insane. Good times. Last I heard she moved to LA. Stop looking at me
  12. Maybe you should spend more time jumping than posting crap on the internet. 7 jumps and 1800+ posts....... Same to the original poster..... NOISE Yeah I like what you said. He sounds like a person that should of just done a tandem and talked it up to his friends. "I jumped from a plane!" But with blacking out, it can happen at such a low altitude. The spins didn't have anything to do with it, takes a decent amount of g's to black out a person that has not trained for it. You're natural defense, "fight or flight" can make you just pass out, the adrenaline. That or he just stalled out and gave up on pulling anything. If you ever decide to jump again make damn sure you know where everything is at. Really. Take a couple shots of whatever(Not before you jump), spin around many times as fast as you can with a rig on and while spinning find the hackey. Just my words. Stop looking at me
  13. I think we need more pictures of poop. It was gross but made me laugh. Stop looking at me
  14. I agree that he maybe he shouldn't of moved into a place that has rules like that. But I would never tell the guy no, especially after reading about him. He single handily took 17 germans captive and killed 8, in one day! The Next day he blew up a tank because he was bored. He can fly a flag out my ass if he wants. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_T._Barfoot Stop looking at me