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  1. I'm from Israel, I don't know about any local dealer here :)
  2. Hi Guys, I hope you can help :) I'm leaning towards buying a Boogieman suit as my first suit. I'm going to focus on freefly, and I fall pretty slow (60kg/130 pound, 167cm/5'6"). I think the Bionic model will suit best for me, but I really have no idea about what materials to put where. Here is the color simulator which lets you choose the materials as well: I've heard that nylon is the fastest fabric, but they don't have it. Will cordura 180 be a proper substitute for the main area? Also, can anybody explain what "sliding" is? I never saw it on any other manufacturer and don't know what it is :) Finally - what about lower arms and legs? I have no idea which material will be best for these parts. The options are cordura 180/500/1000, Polycotton or spandex. Thank you
  3. yeah its mostly the lower back, but also my upper arms and the thighs.. i'll try streching, thanks
  4. am i the only one who has that? i only have 40 jumps and doing just belly jumps, but every day after jumping i have serious pains.. any solution?
  5. hi guys I'm gonna jump at perris for the next 3 weeks. I'm staying in Riverside and taking 2 busses for 1.5 hours + 20 minutes walking (under the hot california sun).. I already got sun burn from just one time of that walking.. I wondered if somebody can save me the walking part, even just once, From Perris Transit Station, at the morning (around 10am). will pay gas of course.. pm me thanks!
  6. Called few days before coming, and said I need to rent their rig but I never used a PC before, and I will need a brief; they said "no problem". Woke up on saturday and told them I have an A license and I'm not local and will need a brief, they said "ok you can come". After coming all the way from london and paying 50 pounds total, they told me there that they're too busy to give me a brief and I can't jump, even if I wait until afternoon. Great welcoming. Won't go there again.
  7. im so desperate, dont wanna waste 55 pounds just to get to the DZ, somebody comming from London tommorow, or just from Banbury train station and wanna give me a ride? (i'll pay gas of course)
  8. maybe there's a kind person who can give me a ride from London or from the train station at banbury to hinton on this Saturday?
  9. thanks guys CornishChris, PM me your number
  10. Hi, Does somebody knows some transportation to this DZ? I wanna come from London, prefer the bus, but i couldn't find even a close train there. I found "Kings sutton" train station, but its far from the DZ, with no bus from there to the DZ. Any help? thanks
  11. is there any such thing? a dytter which records GPS data like vertical speed and the course of the jump? if so, which one is recommended? thanks
  12. Hi i'm searching for a video (i think its a BASE video though) that have this song in it: i think its quite long.. something around 15-20 minutes.. anybody recognize? ty