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  1. "Buttercup" by Brad.....doubt many have heard it though. B~
  2. The attached pic is what I drive, so it's not hard for me to get pulled over at all B~
  3. When caught speeding, I've always wanted to say: "Well, I just happen to have a blatant disrespect for the locally mandated speed ordinances" But then again.....I really don't want to go to jail. B~
  4. That's a hilarious movie......same guys who did the Airplane movies I believe? B~
  5. Congrats! Much happiness with both! B~
  6. Yeah.... "Shot down in Flames" by AC/DC comes to mind B~
  7. It was the benefit to society that did it for me. B
  8. Does this mean you're gonna move back here to Colorado? B~
  9. I had no idea that I'd like skydiving as much as I do. My first jump was a big group of us going for part of a bachelor party. I really liked it, but decided that I should try another tandem just to make sure. After the second, I was signed up for AFF the following weekend! B~
  10. name is Byron, but back in high school after I started partying, everyone started calling me Beeron. Guess it just kinda stuck B~
  11. I'm changing my name to randy so I can score with GFD! B~
  12. Hey Peter....I saw on the website that some of the staff from DS is now down there. Who's there? I'll have to come down check it out! Thanks! B~
  13. I don't think that we ever met when you were still here in Colorado. If you ever come back for a visit or something, we'll have to go jump! B~
  14. I agree with those who've mentioned Cafe Du Monde and Community Coffee....I actually like to mix the two. The CDM has a unique chicory flavor and the CC has a rich full taste....they blend very nicely together....and it's a sure-fire way to get yer day kickstarted. B~