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  1. Get it a pet kitten. Fart on it. Offer it some onion rings. Sing it an Italian aria.
  2. But it is because of a health consideration! My point is you don't always need a scientific study to tell when something is making you feel un-well. You can feel it. I think I understand. Kind of like you really don't need to read the books to know they need to be burned? They just offend you? Did I get it right? jen Non-sequitor. Has a book or a steak enjoyed by another ever posed a health risk to you?
  3. I am not going to keep up with this, as anytime I get into a charged debate, the Powers That Be get into a hissy fit about me bruising some thin-skinned pussy's fragile ego. (NOT referring to you, Dave)
  4. I agree, and standby the smoking ban. Reduce the illness due to exposure to second-hand smoke, and funnel the saved healthcare dollars to all those ends.
  5. Fixed it for ya. There are ways of preventing non-smokers from being exposed to cigarette smoke without restricting the ability of smokers to indulge in their habits or business owners to decide what facets of business they want to explore. Blues, Dave Look at it this way: I used to work in a Major League Baseball stadium. We banned smoking in the stands. You've got your assigned seat on the ticket, so the guy who's next to you should have to go elsewhere to smoke. Smokers rightfully should be forced to accommodate nonsmokers. Nonsmoking is not only the natural state, but it's also the majority.
  6. Exactly what ordeals did an infant/toddler have to suck it up and press thru while under the effects of RSV? The LSAT? MCAT?
  7. Firefly, I don't know if you smoke, so don't take this personally... It's amazing, the specious reasoning that addicts will use to preserve the ability to imbibe in their addiction...
  8. You want to create a biohazard for yourself, go ahead. You don't have a right to do it to others... If I want to enjoy a beer or a cocktail, I shouldn't have to subject myself to your vice.
  9. The car v. motorcycle debate can be solved by a simple equation: F=MA. You do the math. Who wins?
  10. Te entiendo. Es facil comprenderte en esta idioma. Pero no estoy de acuerdo contigo. Hay algunas personas en el EEUU que estan de acuerdo contigo, pero creo que ellos no son veteranos de las fuerzas armadas. Si una persona es un veterano, tiene un lugar mejor de hablar sobre la guerra o la politica que circundan la guerra. El hecho es que muchos de nosotros no se significan que dicen los extranjeros. Yo se muchos de ustedes nos odian, pero esa es la vida. Disculpe la carencia de acentos. No se como escribirlas a máquina. Y me uso de la idioma es?
  11. The Iraqui olimpic team told me that they wouldn´t have changed some of their family lives so they could play in the olimpics. Must be a western thing. Personal attack deleted. Again.
  12. Which would you like: Cheddar Brie Bleu Feta
  13. Let me guess--you saw The Saint recently, didn't you...?