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  1. Emily was a brilliant ray of light in this sport that we all love. I recall the day she did her first skydive with Kiwi. (the dropzone was never the same from that moment on...) I've (unfortunately) attended too many memorials of friends in this sport but this one touched a bit more. I've never seen so many attend from so far and so wide. This is a testament to how many people's lives that Emily (and Lee) have touched over the years. Emily's spirit will live on in all that she touched and be remembered in all that accomplished in her years. ----- ~~~Michael
  2. They don't have anything better to do and it's rather lucrative for them in the end - I spend a bit of time in Nigeria and know a couple people that actually do this stuff for a living. Below is Sonny001's response from my providing additional info on the gear. ----- ~~~Michael
  3. Not sure if you remember, but I was over in (Aberdeen) Scotland when the smoking ban went into effect there. Its honestly made every other place that's put a ban in place look like a picnic. The Scots like their pubs and their smokes. ----- ~~~Michael
  4. WFFC

    Username 'WFFC'

    I'll get it from Phil and we'll swap travel stories. I've got a few scary ones of late. I've been home since just before Christmas waiting for a client to decide if the sky is blue or not so I've been a bit stir crazy. ----- ~~~Michael
  5. WFFC

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    Hey luv! It has. You don't write, you don't call. thought the love was gone. Might be that I've just been all over the place the last couple years. Care to be my stalker? ----- ~~~Michael
  6. WFFC

    Username 'WFFC'

    Michael, do you feel stalked - I mean, just sayin', with all these people lurking your username and then posting about it? Kinda Creepy - no? Personally I think it's funny that I login since I've really been too busy for 3 people and this creates a bunch of stir. Creepy? she cute and does she have a twin sister? ----- ~~~Michael
  7. WFFC

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    I need to reset that PW. ----- ~~~Michael
  8. WFFC

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    Beth...if somethings going to happen, I think I need a phone call ----- ~~~Michael
  9. There's insurance for everything. ----- ~~~Michael
  10. You flew the wrong puddle jumper - flying out in 2006, the pilot was a former jump plane pilot. (BAE Jetstream 32 if I recall correctly - no cockpit door and no FA) ----- ~~~Michael
  11. As a long term follow-up to this, I was transiting thru ORD on my way back from Africa recently when the TSO says 'What, no parachute this time?'. I recognized this TSO as one that was standing around during the incident and jokingly laughed and say no, not this time. TSO proceeds to tell me that additional training was provided to all TSOs and the supervisor that was responsible for my hassle refused to accept any of the knowledge he was getting from this additional training. So, the best thing happened... They fired him. I liked the TSA, if for just that one day. ----- ~~~Michael
  12. No comment but my phone has rung a few times looking for phone numbers. ----- ~~~Michael
  13. WFFC

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    current results from ----- ~~~Michael
  14. Just got back so here are some good things to occupy your time: Zip Line - - The guides were telling us that another spot was going to open up near Lahaina Whale Tour - - Non-profit group. Excellent tour. Bring your high end SLR as your pocket digital will probably not be able to catch a whale breach fast enough. Binoculars are nice depending on where the whales are at. U'lalena - - An offshoot of a Cirque performance with some Hawaiian flair. Aquarium - - Small aquarium but very impressive. Good rainy day stop. The road to Hana - Once you actually hit the road (this is where it becomes very twisty), travel about 10 miles in, then turn around. You'll predominately see very similar things over and over and over and over. If you do decide to go, take your Dramamine - 613 turns in a short distance as I recall. A motorcycle (cruiser) is actually better than a car as the road gets very narrow in spots. Paia - local town on the east coast. Just south of town is a spot where the windsurfers hang out. Very cool to watch. Charley's is a good stop for food and drink. Food spots to avoid - Gia Don's (Kihei). Very poor service, expensive for Italian out of a can. For better food options, get out of the tourist zone and find some restaurants off the main strips. Pineapples for the trip home - - Prepackaged pineapples in 1, 3 or 6 pack boxes already inspected and packed to be checked. Alcohol runs - Beer is cheaper at Costco near the airport. Pick yours up on the way to the hotel. Costco is also a good spot to pick up bulk boxes of the Maui Carmacs that you're sure to become addicted to while there. The Hawaii Super Ferry - should be running by the time you get there as well. Take the rental over to the Big Island (if feasible) and roam around Volcanoes National Park. Best spot at sunset is a walk out on the lava flow (where the lava meets the ocean. Bring a fleece and a flashlight as it gets cold here at night and the footing isn't great. ----- ~~~Michael