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  1. Add this one to your travel bookmarks: Probably won't help much now though. ------ Michael
  2. Suck it up. I'm generally on the 6:00 AM flight every Monday AM and I'm 90 minutes away from the airport. Toss in winter and the possibility of snow the drive increases. Generally put 8-9 hours onsite at the client's once I get there too. Makes for a long ass day. ------ Michael
  3. Try Keneally's in Houston (Near Shephard and Fairview). will add Fuzzy's to my list and might check out this week since I'll be there in a couple hours. ------ Michael
  4. Chicago and New York. Californians don't know how to make a pizza. (Note: Fruit has no place on a pizza) ------ Michael
  5. is it on the inside or outside of the loop? ------ Michael
  6. I just happen to be down here so if you get me directions from the Galleria area I could stop by after a client dinner tonight. ------ Michael
  7. Here's your answer: ------ Michael
  8. ------ Michael
  9. Propellant - granted, I'm not a chemist so I couldn't offer an expert opinion on the cross variations and differences between propellants and explosives. I'd be willing to bet that no where in the TSA training/reference materials does it refer to an AAD as being safe and approved for travel by the US DOT and other worldwide agencies. I guess I'd be curious to run into this guy again to see if he educated himself on the AADs - at least this is what he told me he was going to do. The guy did his job perfectly based on his ineducation and life experience - protecting the traveling public? From my point of view, no. From yours? Probably and I'll accept that. Sucks to be me and I'm just glad I had my gear bag to wrap it all back up into. Unlike the UK, the TSA from my experience has not done random gate security checks like they do in the UK. (again, from experience and I'm in the airport more than most that have responded to this thread) the security people that work in Heathrow and Gatwick are the best in the business from what I've seen. They take their work seriously and question everything. (ask me in person about the 'stupid american' that was going to miss her flight). I've gotten more of a look going thru security in Nigeria than I've had at any airport in the US - they didn't discriminate...everyone got interrogated. Without taking this to a political rant, I do not feel safe flying with the TSA involved (when you hear someone say 'I'm from the gov't. I'm here to help', the best thing to do is run). I do not feel that the security at airports in the US is even remotely adequate. Ultimately who is protecting my american behind? Me and my awareness of my surroundings. ------ Michael
  10. Nope...Take a step back and stand in front of this guy and listen to him say 'my roommate told me...'. That's where his lack of education was. This guy was now an expert with AADs because his roommate told him. I've gotten the rest of it. ------ Michael
  11. And I thought you were top tier. Only happened once. ------ Michael
  12. Almost - Here's the reply that Ed Scott has forwarded to me from the TSA. I obviously fell into the second item for their concerns, but will stand by the fact that the super was mis-educated and could have done whatever swabs he needed to do without opening the reserve. The 'potentially suspect or prohibited' is a really grey area that leaves all decisions up to the individual TSA agent to do their own free will. ------ Michael
  13. ...and a 3.0 ounce can of shaving cream was not allowed but if it was 3 ounces it would have passed muster . the organization unfortunately proves over and over again that they're incompetent. that is what scares me. ------ Michael
  14. No...the incompetence is the TSA not following their own rules (and you need to read before responding). shaving cream was a 3 ounce travel size. The appropriate size allowed for carry on. Edit to add... (I think I need to clarify this for you...the travel size of shaving cream was 3.0 ounces. the memo the TSA person had for their reference read as 3 ounces which is obviously means that 3.0 ounces is greater than 3 because it has another number at the end ) ------ Michael