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  1. I had not put any thought into mounting the base station outdoors (dry bag maybe) but for the mobile base station I think using a phone as a mobile hotspot and rigging up a 12V car adapter is all that would be needed.
  2. I think it will be fine but won't know for sure until the glacier recedes this spring. I was initially planning on putting it in a FF style flat BOC handle instead of in a Dbag pocket so the container concern isn't a problem.
  3. psw097

    Surface Pro?

    I have a Surface 3 and my wife has a Surface Pro 3. Both are great, no complaints. The smaller Surface 3 is better for casual use and travel, while the Pro is a good laptop replacement.
  4. Yes, battery is good so far - the 2 tags that I have not tried geofencing on are at 83% and 84% after 3 weeks. So far, no inadvertent power-off and the puppy is pretty tough on gear, especially stuff hanging from the older dog's collar. To turn off you need to hold down the button for several seconds, it blinks when powered up for easy ID.
  5. I received my Iota base station and 3 tags the start of January. The dogs have them on their collars now, its winter so hard to test much. I have not been able to test range. The battery life if good so far unless i use geofencing, 15% down in 3 weeks, but geofencing drained one of the batteries in a week. The app could use some work but is functional.
  6. NC has 4. The 2 in the center keep you from being able to shift and the one on each door cannot hold anything larger than a beer bottle.
  7. Droid 3 Verizon 3G Ping 111ms Download 1436kbps Upload 736 kbps Verizon 4g (hotspot) Ping 55ms download 18582 kbpa Upload 6804 kbps Comcast cable Ping 24 Ms Download 16517 kbps upload 4140 kbps Chicago, IL
  8. I'm patiently waiting for wii pole dancing:
  9. You don't need any of that with the Linux version of the 901 - boots in 20 seconds and standard programs load/run as fast as my dual core Dell D830.
  10. We got a Asus EeePC 901 over the summer - great little 'puter. The small size, 20 second boot time, SSD and 7 hour battery are what make it perfect for simple tasks and travel. I'm not a huge fan of the Xandros system - its fast and simple but I dislike some of the interface. I've been thinking about going to Ubuntu with the Netbook remix X but have been waiting for the 8.10 version of Ubuntu-eee.
  11. My 'puter is working on the upgrade now.
  12. Not sure - I use auto-focus - I'd have to check the camera but the lens is focus-by-wire and when shutdown it goes to infinity so if it was in MF I suspect it would stay at infinity when powered-up.
  13. I use an E-410 - very lightweight. I spliced a mini-plug into my wired remote so that i can plug in the tongue switch and still use the wired remote for non-freefall photography. The kit lens (14-42) works well.
  14. I use Cinelerra for editing in Ubuntu.