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  1. blueskiesbill

    Transportation to a DZ around Maryland

    im in towson and i am heading to skyfest wed morning and coming back on sunday ... ur welcome to jump in
  2. blueskiesbill

    Dropzone "The ranch" accommodations?

    well its the 'Ranch' --- so most people camp out .... if thats not your cup of tea ... there are a couple hotels in New Paltz (the neighboring town) and then you could also look up Bed and breakfast in the gardiner NY area have a blast --- the ranch is my old home blue skies!!!
  3. blueskiesbill

    ~ The Ranch on July 4th Weekend ~

    well there is a whole bunch of country folk with missing teeth --- and they all get really drunk and throw things out of planes....jk as far as i know its just a typical ranch weekend with a little extra partying .... as long as mother nature agrees the otters are flying circles putting up 50+ loads in a day ... and besides the bands, the bonfire and the beer the highlight is fight night in which a lot of DZ regs work out some differences in a a three round bout and others can join in on the festivities if they wish ... i myself have not made it yet ... maybe this year will be the first
  4. WOW!!! i might have to cancel some plans .... now is this serious!!??? $17 for a ticket....really?! If i buy 10/20 and dont use all of them (due to weather or laziness) are they valid for other weekends?
  5. blueskiesbill

    Nearest DZ to Aruba?

    charter a private plane .... where a baggie jacket ... tell pilot to go as high as he can .... open door .... remove jacket .... and jump!!!!!
  6. blueskiesbill

    Skydive New England - Memorial Day Weekend

    hopefully you leave with memories or stories similar to mine...because if so --- you had too much fun have a blast
  7. blueskiesbill

    Jump with the shuttle

    damn you all are so lucky that you get to do that --- i would love to do that sometime....esp at night
  8. blueskiesbill

    Training near Boston - Pepperell?

    I have heard good things about pepperell...but have never been I have been to skydive new england in lebanon maine and that place is hands down amazing... swoop ponds....otter....lots of loads....great people...great after jumping activities and a constant flow of people heading to the wind tunnel so you get cheaper rates because of the size of the time slots bought i do not jump in that area unless i am going to the tiki bar boogie or just a fun weekend in lebanon but what i can say is i do not have a bad thing to say about skydive new england ... oh yea and some of the best DZ food too!!!
  9. blueskiesbill


    I have waited sometime to give my review as I wanted to feel the canopy out...I was happy from the beginning and that feeling has stayed the same. This canopy has a great glide and is very fast. The turns are quick and snappy and accompanied with one of Brians canopy courses, becomes even more fun!!! Brian has put alot of thought and energy into the creation and production of his canopies and it shows... all this talk about airlocks are this and that ... i love them ... when other peoples canopies are partially collapsing on approach i am flying through without a hitch....(but I still know when to jump and when not to jump.... If you are in the market for a canopy this is def a win win canopy and you will not be disappointed.... Also I anticipate the day (but can wait) when i have the opportunity to swoop his samuri blue skies!