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  1. Thanks for all the help guys and gals. I guess I'm just going to have to make the time this summer and come visit a bunch of these places, as none seem to far away. I do have another ? requarding riggers, does anyone know of a rigger that might live around the New Haven CT area, as my rig need a repack and I would love to get that done sooner than later, or has anyone trusted the UPS man enough to mail their rig to a dropzone ahead of time to get repacked. Ted
  2. Does anyone know what the closest dropzone to New Haven, CT that has weekday hours and fun jumpers? I recently moved to New Haven and come to find out my closest dropzone SkydiveCT only has weekend hours "I work most weekends" but have most weekdays off to jump, I just need a place to go. Thanks, Ted
  3. I've been given the task of taking my bosses wife to do her first Tandem jump. I need a place near Seattle that is open mondays. I'm from PA so I know nothing of the area. I am more than willing to drive if needed to get to a cool drop zone. Thanks, Ted
  4. To the whole topic. Bull shit, It's all about education. your parents are stupid you will be too. educate or be stupid, now comes the hard part. how do we make people mo smarter? Ted
  5. tcituk


    Does anyone know if there is something like USPA, but for paragliding? I'm interested in finding out if there is anywhere to learn to paraglide in or near central PA, but all the searches i do online turn up websites that look less than legit. Thanks, Ted