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  1. What about the term "Sabbatical" rather than quit? I mean, taking time off from the sport you love because you cannot devote the amount of time you need to so that you are safe and current? I just don't want to be "that guy". You know, the one that shows up once or twice a season, tries to make a jump as if he is current. Sucks in the air, sucks at landing. Then one day, makes a bad call. Breaks his leg..... It happens. So instead of living in the gray area, I have decided to just take time off. Still visit the DZ, help out where I can, but I will not jump my gear, or with friends. Hard to do with 20+ years in the sport. But necessary.
  2. It has been just over ten years since I became a member of Dropzone....wow what a trip...looking back on old posts...how so much has changed. -rap
  3. In this sport there are many that are willing to give out well meaning advice. However, it is your job to decide if that person is qualified to do so. Ask them what their experience is, what is their skill level, how do they perform under canopy, in the air (if there is video to watch). And how well do you actually know them? Once you can answer all these questions and feel comfortable with them, you can decide if you should take their advice. This is just a good way to protect yourself from those well meaning, yet unqualified jumpers. -Rap
  4. The Malone Parachute Club, now in its 39th year of operation, located in Swanton, Vermont will be holding waterjumps into Lake Champlain on Saturday, September 25. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information. You can also see us on Facebook! Looking forward to seeing everyone there! -Rap
  5. Saturday, May 22nd starting at 9:30 a.m. until who knows when the Malone Parachute Club will be holding the first annual Hard Opening Boogie. We will have a Robinson Helicopter offering $50 dollar jumps OR passenger rides and $20 Cessna fun jumps to 11,500. A Swoop contest and the ever popular Surge Challenge will be in full effect. There will be BBQ food served all day, "lawn games", foosball tournament, and a host of other shenanigans. If you haven't been to the new dropzone yet, this is a great excuse to stop by, even just to say hello. Bring your significant others, your children, heck, even your mother-in-law if you want. Once the sun goes down, hang out for a night of laughter and fun times. Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions. Hope to see you all there. Blue Skies, Rapper
  6. The Malone Parachute Club will be holding its "Last Supper" banquet on Saturday, December 12. Jumps start at 10:00 at the airport with a banquet/awards ceremony to follow at a yet to be determined location. We are taking RSVP's. Please contact us at [email protected] parachute club (dot) com (no spaces). Thank you. -Rapper
  7. Vermont: the Malone Parachute Club, in Swanton, Vermont does not accept S.R. certificates. -Rap
  8. He was just making a little jump before class, no need to call in TSA, the state police and the fire department.... -Rap
  9. The Malone Parachute Club HAS moved to Northern Vermont and YES we do still operate by the same name. In response to "Club". Well, we have been a DZ for more than 35 years, teaching about 100 students a year. Brian Germain, Mike Swanson, Doug Parks and many other "notables" all started here. Ask them what they think of skydiving "Clubs".-Rap
  10. I've been in a queen air that had engine trouble at 7,000 ft. Fourtunately, we had good pilots and had altitude for everyone to get out and the aircraft landed safely on one engine. However, that is not the point of writing this. When you are in a situation like this, even if there IS time to think, often you are awaiting instructions from the pilot. Taking matters into your own hands might save you, but it is a weird thing to do when you are actually in the situation. Opening a door and jumping out, depending on the aircraft and situation can often make the situation worse.... Anyway, thought I would share with you all a little insight. -Rapper
  11. Just wondering, did the DZ contact USPA for assistance? My home DZ went through a similar issue (lease/eviction). It is my oppinion that the help we received from USPA was less than effective and a total let down. Thoughts? -Rap
  12. I have to mention the Malone Parachute Club in Plattsburgh, NY. Although technically not in the "Northeast", it is right across the border from Burlington, Vermont. Not to mention that many of the freeflyers come from Vermont. So, why am I mentioning this DZ....well to name drop...Brian Germain and Mike Swanson both started at this DZ and frequently visit. There is a core group of freeflyers that are always looking for more freeflyers. If you ever find yourself in the area, stop in and you will be pleasantly surprised. Not even to mention the fact that with the DZ situated next to Lake Champlain with the Green Mountains on one side and the Adirondacks on the other, it is quite beautiful! Stop in. -Rap p.s. Orange is excellent!
  13. The Malone Parachute Club in Plattsburgh NY will also let you jump if you are at least 16 with parental consent. Of course this DZ may be a bit far. Check them out at maloneparachuteclub.com We are indeed a USPA member Dropzone and have been in business for more than 35 years. -Rap
  14. Maybe I missed something, but can someone tell us why Alchemy did not compete in the U.S. Nationals this year? -Thanks. -Rap
  15. I suggest paying special attention to the final product and making sure that your pilotchute is not bulkier than it needs to be. Also, if you continually have difficulties with this method it might be better to find a new way to pack it. Just a thought. -Rap