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  1. HAHAHA Mile high won't let friend jump with friends that is why. It is a crime that they charge like 200 bucks for a recurrency jump there.
  2. so will this mean fun jumpers will be allowed back there? did my first tandem there 9 years ago and haven't been back but would love to jump there again.
  3. ya i don't think that car had 200 jumps, so why can it jump with a camera
  4. you don't have to jump with a coach if you are strapped for cash. just go to another DZ in the area (boulder or empire). Also there are some coaches with less than 200 jumps that have been coaching.
  5. From the way I read it, it sounds like he will be packing his own gear. So roughly 14'26" per ride up, jump, and pack. That should get exhausting.
  6. rowet


    and I would disagree the DZ aka Frank doesn't make any money on the jump. First 28+28 for the two slots. Is the DZ not making any money for the two slots paid for? at 28 bucks a jump I think they are doing well. Then 25 for the gear rental per jump. So if those rigs are 6000 a piece then after about 300 jumps they have to be paid off and making money for the DZ after packers and cost of repacks ect. And many of those rigs have been there for a long time which = cash making for the DZ on rental rigs. And the coach does make cash/jump and always like beer or tips but tips are not necessary.
  7. For some reason these questions screamed lawyer to me. For the green light issue though. Could the light of gone off because the bulb burned out? possible as our red light it out right now in our plane. And just cause a green light is on doesn't mean you need to exit. I am no green light jumper and just got bitched at by a TI and complemented on for not jumping when the green light went on by a camera guy on the same jump. (high winds aloft going against jump run but winds below 3K against jump run means I shouldn't get out 2 miles away from the DZ, but the TI thought I needed to get out even though I still waited 20 seconds after the green light and still just made it back:) The "too gusty for student jumpers" ..... depends on the DZ but most are strict on no jumping over 14 but that doesn't mean the winds don't change from the time of exiting the airplane to the time of landing
  8. I have been in "finals week" for the last 3 weeks. I have 2 more weeks of finals still. This week I have oral radiology and clinical periodontics. can't wait for the next 2 weeks to be over and get a much needed air bath
  9. Ya the package deal is the only thing going for them right now. my guess is that when those who bought the package deal start running out of jumps, then they migrate towards the NE of denver instead of the NW.
  10. jump tickets went up again:) they added a +1 to the prices listed by manifest. 28 to full and 21 to 4K. OUCH. I think empire will still be 25 to full
  11. I have also heard, just a rumor, that if you get your A at another DZ you can't jump until you have your B. So if you get ur A in boulder and want to jump at MH you can't until you have 50 jumps. And we all know the DZ isn't hurting for money as the owner drives a hummer, wife got a nice new whip, and 50,000 dollar bathrooms installed last summer, plus renovated the whole office while taking out packing area for fun jumpers. All while fun jumper tickets go up and up and up. The only thing they have done for the fun jumpers was offer the package deal: 100 jumps for 1900 but the offer only lasted about 36 hours as I know you are aware. Skydive empire should do very well this summer
  12. last weekend was a disaster up there. The aircraft issue is understandable as I like safe rides to altitude. But it was interesting to see a line at manifest at 845 of 14 fun jumpers waiting to go yet it took another hour to get a plane off the ground. Anyone with business sense would think oh shit I have customers wanting to give me money I should maybe make them happy and start the plane up. instead lets wait around for some tandems to show up and make sure there is a 3 hour wait before the engines start. Then when we do get planes going lets stop the plane, as it is taking off, to go pick up 4 AF kids who can't figure out on their own how to get on a plane. Literally we were starting to take off, plane had to power down and go wait for these 4 kids to be driven over. This was after the 10 minutes of the plane sitting on the taxi way refueling. All this while the loads are manifested 7 loads out. And lets not forget about kicking people out of the DZ for actually enjoying skydiving and speaking their minds. Sucks MH has the only otter in the state for public jumping. Some staff are great and enjoy their jobs and make you feel welcome others well judge for yourself. Just my 2 cents though.
  13. wow I was jumping both sat and sunday and didn't hear or see any new "rules" on hook turns. There were lots of people not over the pond (more like multiple puddles) coming down more than 90. But I did take advantage of the 19$ jump price
  14. Might as well through this out there some will hate on me for saying but Lodi. 15$ jumps for you and 100$ tandems. about an hour and half away from san fran i think
  15. umm can you make me finish school faster so I can do this. That looks epic. and those lobster are HUGE