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  1. I have been watching this thread for a while and would like to add my two cents. (for what its worth) I just completed my A license this weekend at Mile Hi, now granted I have nothing to compare their system to, but I did appreciate the structured system. I realize there was a little added cost but it was fairly small (approx $240 over entire program), this number is assuming that I would be able to complete my A card "on my own" in only 25 jumps. I feel that they gave me a very strong understanding of the BASICS of skydiving, and now is the time that the mentoring phase of my learning begins. There has been a couple comments on this post that are not quite accurate. One is that you pay a coach to put you out on a hop and pop, that is not the case. Another is that none of their coaches/instructors jump for free to help out a student, when in fact on each of my group/coach jumps only one of the coaches were acutualy compensated by the dropzone. Overall I would give Mile Hi a thumbs up and my compliments to the instructors and staff. Mike
  2. bunkerup


    I am the OP of this thread. I was initially asking a simple question but have enjoyed watching it turn into a very informative discussion. Since the original post I have passed AFF and am nearing the end of my coaching jumps. It has been interesting to say the least. I have seen a wide range of attitiudes. These extend from "hey this is my job" to those coaches and instructors that obviously enjoy the act and art of teaching someone a new skill. I would like to add that those with the first attitude are by far in the minority. The only problem I see with this new found passion is my banker may never speak to me again.. Oh well never liked him much any way. To answerthe obvious questions yes I have bought beer and even some dinners..
  3. I just finished my AFF on thursday and even managed to get in my first solo. Thumbs up to all of the instructors and staff at Mile Hi. I was having problem with my stability but thanks to the tunnel and Mike Bohn things have smoothed out. Regretfully I had to leave immediately after my last jump so the beer will come on my next visit, hopefully monday if the weather holds. Thanks again
  4. bunkerup


    By no means did I intend to imply that coaching is not work. I do a fair amount of training and precepting in my career and I understand the amount of effort that goes into each and every class or sesion. Thanks for the input and the beer will flow.
  5. bunkerup


    I have recently started my AFF. I know I need to make approx 12 coached jumps after my 7 AFF. My question is this, if the DZ charges 95 including rental my ride and the coaches jump does the coach recieve anything other than the free jump. This sure seems like a great thing for someone who loves to jump and helping others enjoy the sport more and by all means I appreciate the assistance. I was just wondering if tipping is expected or required. Thanks for the info
  6. I am just starting aff and I realize that I need to make approx 12 coached jumps after my 7 aff jumps. I guess my question is this. I f my DZ charges 95 for rental, my lift and the coach does he receive anything other than a free jump. This to me seems like a great deal for someone who loves to jump and assist others. Sure you dont make any money but you dont spen any either
  7. Thanks for the opinions, I think I have come to the same conclusion. After spending yesterday around this group it is faily obvious that I will be seeing a great deal of them over the next few years so I might as well start making these long term friends now.
  8. I am getting ready to find an AFF program, looking for opinions which is better. THe satandard DZ school (may take up to 2 or 3 months to copmplete) or this A license in a week program outside of Houston. Are there any preferneces out there
  9. bunkerup

    old new guy

    Dude the beer was a given. Any advice on a northern colorado DZ
  10. bunkerup

    old new guy

    Not trying to say i am the picture of fitness but I am a 18 year veteran firefighter so I do alright. As far as mentally as I said I am a firefighter so you can make your own decision. Just kidding
  11. bunkerup

    old new guy

    No doubt the college was the right decision but I can see myself getting extremely addicted to this sport and looking for the advice, thanks for the reply
  12. bunkerup

    old new guy

    JUst dont argue with the fourth voice and you will be fine
  13. bunkerup

    old new guy

    I made three aff jumps 21 years ago and now am thinking about trying the sport again. I did not continue because I got my priorities all screwed up and went back to college, LOL. I am now 41 and looking for honest advice whether or not I am too old to really get into this sport. I tend to be extremely compulsive so I go all out at anything I do. Let me know your thoughts.