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  1. 70 on the ground? psh... I'm trying to get out of there as fast as possible.
  2. Rae and I will be there. Probably at least one more.
  3. Cant I get an application? Software Engineer in charge of website maintenance. http://www.airforce.com/
  4. Come hit up SD Opelika and say hello. I don't make it out to Cullman very often, I prefer the Farm for my turbine addiction, but Cullman is still a good place.
  5. Only 4-5 hours pshh I honestly spend all 9 hours of my day here. Edit to add... I'm using 2 computers with a total of 4 monitors and 3 of those 4 have different DZ forums in them. The other one is used for basic surfing lol
  6. Things are moving pretty fast and I'd say 2 seconds is a decent average reaction time to something you are completely not expecting.
  7. Normally he has to drop trou for that response
  8. Unfortunately, same for me. And you have a lot a children to clean up after
  9. Comfortable, Cheap, and way better impact protection
  10. JD are you saying that it is not good advice? Who I am and what I do should not affect that.
  11. A Christian fanatic is anyone who loves Jesus Christ more than you do. I am not Christian in any way. I know plenty of Christians that are not fanatics. Your definition is flawed.
  12. We are endowed with certain rights correct... it doesn't say that we can't decide to have more rights. The constitution provides multiple rights that aren't unalienable. I don't see how the Tenth Amendment applies at all?
  13. That's good. Wing loadings don't scale perfectly, especially at both extremes. If you look at the chart you can see that. My point was don't take the advice of some random stranger (who admittedly does not have much experience.) A 1:1 wing loading if his exit weight was >150lbs would be bad advice. BTW if someone wants to point out that I am also a random stranger giving out advice it's not the same thing. I'm saying "Hey, take this guys advice" and this guy happens to be one of the most knowledgeable people in the sport.
  14. It's nice to see SC having a civil and constructive discussion As for doctors not getting to decide how much there time is worth, I think that goes along with it being a public service job... Public servants don't decide their own compensation. It is a combination of respect, pride, and compensation vs. hassle. As a fellow service member I'm sure you understand this. I have a fundamental belief that our current system is broken. I have a strong feeling against private insurance companies when it comes to health (and car insurance, but thats only because they managed to make it required by law)