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  1. SCR216

    Kevin Donnelly

    This one is a hard one to take. As you know Mike, Kevin was a great friend to both my brother Paul and I for over 45 years. I talked to Kevin two weeks ago to see if he wanted to go out to dinner while I was down in So Cal to get a re-pack on my reserve and have him do some work on the container he gave me last year. Kevin was on his way out the door to go visit Willy Mombo, so we said we would get together in a month or two. I don't have any more words right now. Dennis
  2. Is this what you are looking for?
  3. SCR216


    Damn, talk abut a tight exit. This looks like a pack of frozen fish falling out of the freezer. Sure wish we could have made exits this tight back when we did speed stars out of D-18's. I look forward to reading the answer to this one.
  4. Thanks Peter, Both are great reading. Command the Commander came out the year I started jumping. That was back when I was young enough to take landing down-wind, and at the time almost liked it. These days, with only one good landing gear under me I use a the into-the-wind butt slid landing. No Blue Ribbons for butt slides these days, but the beer is still the same after jumping. Regards, Dennis Henley
  5. SCR216

    Bandit Jump -- 1953

    Hello Howard, It was good talking with you during the reunion at the Center of the earth last month. I worked for Bobby as a JM at Taft for a few summers in the early 70's. I don't remember him ever being 26 though. He was always a great person to be around. I still jump with the camer man wings he put on my suit. I was at the national in AZ when I heard that Bobby had just put out Johnny Carson on a AFF type jump. Bobby did a lot to get the sport into the public eye. Regards, Dennis SCR-216