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  1. Got that right Mr. O. I'll be posting some pictures soon. Looking forward to next year. Also, Eloy this October should be a good one.
  2. Sorry to hear John is gone. John was always the first to welcome people that were new to the area slide right in and party in the air and on the ground. My brother and I had great times with John, his brother Jerry, Butch Marsh and other AZ people at Marana, Coolidge, Parker and then several DZ's in SoCal. They were all on the load when I got my AZSCR. RIP John. Dennis Henley SCR-216, AZSCR-41
  3. Very sorry to hear this. Glad I got to see and talk with Bobby at Eloy one last time two years ago. I worked for Bobby as one of his JM's at Taft in the early 70's. I still have the Ward Vene jump suit he put mini wings on for me. RIP Bobby. I learned a lot for you. Gong to miss your big laugh and smile.
  4. Hello Al, That Arvin patch sure took me back. That is where I started in 65 just before it closed and we moved over to Taft, Lost Hills, Oceanside and all over the west. When you get time please get in touch with Brian. He is going through a rough time right now. Regards, Dennis Henley, SCR-216
  5. Sandy, you da gal. My first hook-up was with the Al at Taft when I was ~18. I came in on him and then hesitated when I looked at the hook. He gave me a look that said, "just grab it dummy".
  6. Sorry Mike. Sometimes I go overboard too fast on the detail end of things. I figured out what you were saying after I posted. Dennis Henley SCR-216
  7. 1977: The first Pieces of Eight was a 4-Way team: Chuck Anderson, Al krueger My Brother, Paul Henley and Larry Yohn. Their first 4-Way was filmed by Carl Boenish at Elsinore.
  8. Very sorry to hear this Bunny. George and I had been talking via FB over the last few months. We had not talked for about 42 years, but when he got in contact with me it was as if it had only been 42 days since we last talked. George wanted me to come to the midwest and make a retirement jump with him and Bobby Sinclare in a few months. But after that conversation he didn't respond to my messages. George and I traveled to Chile in the early 70s and worked with their Army upgrading their jumping gear and instructing them in RW. I think this is one of the subjects he wanted to talk about. This is a sad day.
  9. Larry, you can still get your NSCR if you send the paper work to Newell's daughter.
  10. Jay is Chuck Brother. Chuck passed away in 09.
  11. In the mid 60's I watched a 14 year old son of a friend pack his dad's main. It looked OK to me so I let him pack my 32 LOPO. I gave him $1.50 and then went right up to do a cut-away from a line-over. The kid was sick about it. I don't stay mad long so I told him he could pack it again, but only under my supervision, and that I was not going to pay until after I landed under a good canopy. I also told him that I may not be his dad, but I for sure could kick his ass if I had another line-over. These days we still start to laugh as soon as we see each other. A few weeks ago I watched one packer do a shit job of a speed stuff into a bag and another packer work like a pro with concentration and focus. If I don't want to pack my own, I'll go with the the guy with focus.
  12. As Lyle would say, "there I was,12,500 ft. Pocket full of nickels, and not a coke machine in sight"...
  13. Jim, did you say round or go-around?
  14. Hello Tim, Mike is fast on the keys. Also checkout the video on the Air Trash site. It has a lot of your old friends from Arvin and Taft in it. We had some of the Arvin Good Guys, Old River Rats and the LA Latin Club there. The weather was great. Well, not as good as the islands, but great for Taft standards. Regards, Dennis