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  1. I was informed a little while ago by my daughter that her father, George A. Speakman failed to pull his rip cord and died in Indiana today. I don't know who of you might have known him but he had accumulated around 2000 jumps by 1970. He was a friend to Bob Sinclair and jumped with Johnny Carson in a buddy jump along with, I believe was Milt Platt. He was in his mid 70's. Imagine that, still jumping. He also did the first experimental jumps on that rectangular parachute that most of you use these days whatever it is called. This is all I know he and I did not communicate. You will need to contact his family if you want to know anything more. Bunny Speakman
  2. Yes it was George Speakman holding on to one side, I think Milt Platt was in there to but memory has faded much. Johnny absolutely loved the experience, we were all invited to come to the show, Me and George, Carol DeVore, Jim Hall were all shown in the audience. (think it was Jim who was married to Carol at the time, but wasn't supposed to be) Bunny Speakman
  3. Well, , I don't have anything to prove, cause I really don't care who it was. Ken Lynn was my personal likely suspect, only because I dated him, knew he had at least 2 dozen aliias, was on the fbi most top ten wanted list, and was an experienced jumper. You guys go ahead and figure it out, I'm sure one of you knows all about it..
  4. Sounds like something that came out of the crash that happened at Taft around that time of the century. Bunny Speakman
  5. Bill Lockward (William H. Jr. D-322 ) was my first jumpmaster on 12-26-65. Too bad I can't get youtube on this dialup. Bunny Speakman
  6. I was there, on the TV too with George. George Speakman was my husband, one of the others that jumped with him. I don't remember to very much about who did what. George was on one side of him, Bob filmed, maybe it was Milt Platt on the other? Maybe not. Anyway, yes Johnny loved it, he was very calm, about the whole thing, cracking jokes, even made a pass at me. Had his producer come over with a note saying "if you are ever in N.Y. look me up". I was 19 and had absolutely no idea in hell what that note meant back then. Duh. The only picture I have of the whole thing was one with me, my baby daughter and Carolyn DeVore Jims wife who was not supposed to be his wife for contract purposes. When she was announced on TV that they were husband and wife, the *hit hit. Just prior to the show going on someone in the studio yelled over to one of the camara men (who was also a jumper) and asked him if he was a member of that infamous jump club where everymember owned a donkey and across the studio you could hear "You bet your sweet Ass I am". Everyone laughed. Its a vague memory for me now, at 62 years of age. Kinda wished I had understood Johnny's note tho. Bunny Speakman
  7. My exhusband George Speakman was from Kendleville, or is that Kendelville? Close by, ever run across him jumping there? Bunny Speakman
  8. In 1968 I met Ken Lynn an aka. Kenny was learning to jump in Lake Elsinore DZ and became very good at it. As years went by I learned that Ken was actually Gary Allen Hineman and in the FBI's top ten wanted list. I liked Ken very much, as a matter of fact we dated for a while, but he disappeared out of my life never to be seen again. It was several years later that this DB Cooper thing happened and I always wondered who could do that, who had the desire to do it. My take is that it was Ken Lynn that was DB Cooper. And if that is true, he did not die in that jump because he knew how to make it happen, and is living in South America happily under some other name. I think he got married several times, maybe never divorced. Bunny Speakman
  9. I see he has a new set of dentures, but he has gotten bolder with no goggles or helmet. And just what is he packing. He never used to jump with anything but a doubleL. Course that was a long time ago. Does not look like he changed much, hasn't had hair for as long as I knew him. Bet he still likes big titted woman over 18 too. Bunny Speakman
  10. My God, is he still alive. The last I saw Bob was in the 1980's, Yeah, he's gotta be in his 80's. And as far as I am concerned he is more than a fruit cake. But then George Speakman ( my ex-husband) always said he was a "Man's man". Only because not too many women really "liked" him. Too ruff. Anybody know where George is? I sure would like to get ahold of him or vice versa. Bunny Speakman