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  1. You hadn't heard? They finally finished the recount. Al Gore won. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  2. Well, look at it this way. Roughly two-thirds if households take the standard. They either don't have enough to itemize, don't know how, or don't want to because it really can be a pain to keep track of everything. Plus there's all the thresholds of tracking medical expenses above 4% of AGI and checking to see if Jupiter was in the second House of Virgo that year. Blah, blah, blah. Really big pain in the rear. If you sit down and run the numbers, the large majority are coming out ahead of last year with the increased standard deduction. Some of those other households that itemized will say 'hell it's just not worth it this year, how about we take the kids to the park instead of digging through receipts for the next week.' First step in simplifying the gargantuan octopus of the US tax code, and I say it's about damn time someone took the first baby step. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  3. That's normal in a lot of cases. Part of your brain is rejection the idea of breathing when you head I'd underwater, because, well, you can't do that right? Practice and you'll get over it. Extra time paddling around with a tank, or baring that just getting used to snorkel breathing in the pool with your face in the water. SCUBA is actually really, really, cool. You'll be glad you did it. I'd recommend a book called 'Deco for Divers.'. It's a collection and summary of what we know about decompression theory. Quite well written and not a big thick text book. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003