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  1. it sucks coming to the dz and having other people's beer bottles ALL over your trailer porch... booooooooo! ~Nikki http://www.facebook.com/poe62 Irgity Dirgity
  2. the skydiver friends I've lost did not die from skydiving... death sucks no matter how it happens... ~Nikki http://www.facebook.com/poe62 Irgity Dirgity
  3. going to pick up people who land off and finding them hurt badly.... ~Nikki http://www.facebook.com/poe62 Irgity Dirgity
  4. heeeeeey what about our short lived team? haha! ~Nikki http://www.facebook.com/poe62 Irgity Dirgity
  5. I got the email twice as well. Some of us have some ideas on why he is so far gone now, but it's not something that needs to be posted about on the internet. I hope someone who is able to help reaches out to him. ~Nikki http://www.facebook.com/poe62 Irgity Dirgity
  6. psshhhh...I don't know what you're talking about... la la la...yeah, I'm one of those pansies (I still come out to play...just not jump). ~Nikki http://www.facebook.com/poe62 Irgity Dirgity
  7. Come out Saturday and hang out for the Luau. You can get to know some others going through AFF and SDU as well as the regular jumpers. It'll be a lot of fun. Just crash in the bunkrooms and get up for your FJC in the morning. Hope to see you there.
  8. The only time I've had an issue with kids at the dz was when our beloved pilot's (7 year old ?)daughter chased me around the hangar with a grasshopper. I like bugs less than I like kids. ~Nikki http://www.facebook.com/poe62 Irgity Dirgity
  9. Thanks SDD for the fun times! The helicopter was SO much fun!
  10. Brett mentioned to me he will be organizing raft dives and SCSA hoop dives for all those interested during the boogie.
  11. Swweeeeeet!!!! ~Nikki http://www.facebook.com/poe62 Irgity Dirgity
  12. One of my favorite pictures from my favorite jump. Sunrise jump 2008 He kept holding Jim's hand and gazing out the door at the sun coming up that morning. It was so cute and funny! The second is from my 200th jump. I was so excited to have him on it. Then he got stuck holding the hoop. ~Nikki http://www.facebook.com/poe62 Irgity Dirgity
  13. My friend! Always had the "best skydive(s) EVER" with you... Had the best runs with you... Had the best philosophical moments with you... Loved hearing your voice on the phone every time I needed someone... Even when I failed, you stood by my side. I am a skydiver because of you. You saved me. I am heartbroken that I could not do the same for you. You reached out to everyone in the world in the most selfless ways. You are a true hero in my eyes. Blue skies always my dear friend. You are free... ~Nikki http://www.facebook.com/poe62 Irgity Dirgity
  14. It was if SKYDIVING was the reason...and you knew it was going to happen. I'm all for living your life happily, but other crazy fun stuff makes me happy too.
  15. If I knew without a doubt, then no, I wouldn't jump anymore. I don't have the same mindset as someone I know who ended up with that fate. I think I'd be quite bitter rather than work through it like he has. I'm proud to know people with that kind of attitude. I hope to learn every bit I can from them. However, at this moment in my life, I know I am not mature enough to go through with another jump and risk it. Since I don't know with certainty, then I keep doing what I love. ~Nikki http://www.facebook.com/poe62 Irgity Dirgity