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  1. poe62

    Michael Nowatney - June 2009

    My friend! Always had the "best skydive(s) EVER" with you... Had the best runs with you... Had the best philosophical moments with you... Loved hearing your voice on the phone every time I needed someone... Even when I failed, you stood by my side. I am a skydiver because of you. You saved me. I am heartbroken that I could not do the same for you. You reached out to everyone in the world in the most selfless ways. You are a true hero in my eyes. Blue skies always my dear friend. You are free...
  2. poe62

    Kudos to Skydive Dallas

    Heeeeeeeeey! You hit me in the head? I don't remember... hahah...no worries man, it happens ALL the time to me. Come back anytime!!!
  3. poe62

    Sabre2 135 in a V306?

    I have a Sabre2 135 in my V308 with a PD 126 reserve and it's SUPER tight...I doubt it would fit...
  4. Hey Beowulf, what tables will they have...and prizes? It was in the email that went out, but I don't have it in front of me. See y'all there!
  5. If someone could record a bit of this for me, I'd be forever in your debt. I'm down in Houston, so I'm going to miss it. Dang it!
  6. poe62


    I'm new myself, so I really don't know what I'm talking about and I certainly don't know how static line works (I went through AFF). However, I'm around that weight, and I don't have a problem with stability. My thoughts are that a rig the size needed to hold a 230 might be sliding off to one side or another because you're so small creating instability. It happened to me in a 170, so they moved me down to a 150. Just my 2¢. I don't mind if someone tells me I'm wrong. k. bye.