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  1. I also heard drinking water with a BC or Goody powder before you go to bed works. But who remembers to do that ?
  2. Goody or BC Powder with a Red Bull.. The only one I know. Does V8 Juice really work?
  3. Look,the majority of the people in this country don't like, or approve of gays getting married. If you ya'll don't like it move out. Enough said !
  4. damn that does sound good...I'll use deer meat if I can get some though. Hamburger meat sounds good too !
  5. yes it is a timely favorite meal take a lot of time to prepare. I grew up in the country. They grew they're own vegetables, and canned them and froze some of them. It is work, but you won't go to a resturant and find that kind of cookin'. But like the majority of people, not willing to spend the time preparing that kind of meal...It's an all day thing to do that,alot of time. I do miss it though
  6. unless you get or give them the chance to teach you won't make it as good.
  7. love home-made chicken-n-dumplings
  8. My grandmothers have passed away, but here's THE meal for me ! Fried fresh creamed style corn (not the cream style you buy in a can either). with Cream peas (not fried) Fried corn bread cooked in an iron skillet. fresh turnips, with either country fried steak or bar-b-que chicken or pork chops ! yummy
  9. firehouse quiznos then subway being #3
  10. As long it's neatly trimmed and don't smell like a dead fish, then it's all good
  11. lol....Damn Straight..ha ha
  12. just want to add one more thing..if you look at my jump numbers you can see I don't have many. But I do remember when I was younger being in situations like that though.But now you can spend all your exta money on skydiving...and all of a sudden for whatever reasons, you're in a bind and need help for someone. Then they say hey see should have kept that diving money. But if you did you would have never skydived . Think about it !
  13. nope...In my lifetime so far, I'm gonna say Bill Clinton. He's the one that got the economy messed up. He got it going in that direction. And he looked America in the eye and said and I quote " I did not have sexual relations with that woman".
  14. I see your point. Hey I can very weel go into debt and get my AFF out of the way so I am being patience. I know that later this month I will be able to get another AFF jump in,that's if everything keeps going well. I know there's some people who would rather have as much fun and do without. Really, it's all about what you want in life. Some people, it's the only way they will be able to experience some things in life
  15. Nope it's not ! growing up leads to dying, and dying don't sound like all that much fun
  16. yes i was drunk on here last night...never did go anywheres but on the recliner and passed out ! And yes it's fun been on here. Only bad thing about been on here when you're drinking is you try to type faster than you can spell
  17. you spend money on certain things,and when you get in a bind and have to ask your parents for a little help.And they say things like ..."well you should have kept some of that jump money for hard times! "....just wondering has it happen to anyone ?
  18. Obama Thinks The People Are A Bunch Of Pussys,And There's Nothing You Can Do About It !!
  19. I was giving him the logical thing to do and letting him know what I think about lawyers
  20. buzzin' right now...gonna go to the local bar know you're bored when you reading the forums on a friday night
  21. what's the difference between a drug dealer and a prositute? the prositute can always resale her crack !
  22. Ther was this man and his wife who went to this resturant.The man told his wife "hey,if I show them the white hairs on my chest I might can get the senior discount" she then said "hey,if you unzipped and dropped your pants,you might get disability"