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  1. I ...L O V E the Farm!! crazys and all!! The short bus is a blast!! its just a quick lil ride and its fun to get to talk to everyone Hope to get back there someday soon! (I.C.D#2 VP) "
  2. (Dang, we should of all signed that one!!) Great pic!! Sure was a fun boogie!!! (I.C.D#2 VP) "
  3. sorry guys I wont be out this year, stuff came up. miss you all (I.C.D#2 VP) "
  4. WHAT A FANTASTIC TIME!!!!! awesome boogie, great peeps, crazy fun partys, fun jumps!! and my stomach still hurts from 4 days of non stop laughing!! thanks guys!! (I.C.D#2 VP) "
  5. ok, well then its at fitz again!!!! hmmmm what fun party favor would you like this time hee heee.. just sayin!!!!!, if Jello picks me up again.. as you seen last time...no tellin what we'll find on our drive there, for silly fun to bring and share with everyone at the boogie! (he gave me way toooo many to count jello shots before I even left the airport parking.. damn was that an awesome road trip to the field!!) (I.C.D#2 VP) "
  6. Doesn't everyone? ya duh!!! lol but I do love the GA welcome, ya lets all do that in free fall also, dirt dives a must lol skymama you gotta come to the farm for halloween fun!! ( I cant just get to hang out with you at fit ) (I.C.D#2 VP) "
  7. congrats!! now trust me on this one... there goes everything you thought you knew... say goodbye to the bankaccount now and a lot of other stuff lol but what a freeeeekin awesome sport with even cooler people!! alright so now ya gotta give props to the dz and your tandem master!! (who and where.. let em know who rocked your day!!) (I.C.D#2 VP) "