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  1. Same here, you will be missed! ... so what happened? (I.C.D#2 VP) "
  2. Its good to have friends (I.C.D#2 VP) "
  3. Fully expecting normiss to chime in on this thread sometime later today. +1 (I.C.D#2 VP) "
  4. Missing you guys!! Have a blast!! I'll get there one of these years again!! :)[/;)] (I.C.D#2 VP) "
  5. DangerRoo


    Mike you and Chutingstarr ROCK!!! keep on a (I.C.D#2 VP) "
  6. WAHHHOOOO!!! super glad to hear the news!! (I.C.D#2 VP) "
  7. self absorbed thread derailer (I.C.D#2 VP) "
  8. I like Alaska, havn't really had many problems with them. Continental was ok when I flew back east (I.C.D#2 VP) "
  9. WAHOOOOOOO!!! Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Hope your day was funtastic!!
  10. Thats exactley what I was thinkin Zep, as I seen Turtle as the poster!! (I.C.D#2 VP) "
  11. I LOVE that Girl!! she makes me laugh all the time!! (I.C.D#2 VP) "