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  1. danielcroft

    Comp Velo v Valkyrie

    Openings and roll rate. The openings on the VK are worlds improved over the VC. The roll rate of the wing is a definite step or two above. Everything else is just straight better. I went from a VC84 to a VK79. If you have more specific questions, happy to answer if I can.
  2. danielcroft

    Gear Suggestions for Tunnel Flyers

    The material differences are absolutely a factor that should be considered. G2 was CF and had D3O which meant that the reduced flex from the CF could be absorbed by the padding. The G3 being plastic/polywhatever flexes a lot more and, will break long before CF, if this isn't factored into the design of the padding in either case, you then will have a higher risk of injury. A protective device is meant to attenuate impact forces, you can go either way - CF or something else - but, in either case, unless you're testing the combination of materials, you really can't say anything about whether it's better or not. The reality is, if you push on a G3 from the sides, there's a lot of flex in there that you won't find in G2 or a Skyhelmets Fujin. On what basis would Cookie be able to verify that it was doing its job in the absence of some agreed upon standard? IDK either. For me, the G3 is the wrong shape for my head whereas the G2 fit me super well so, I don't own any G3s. I'd also disagree with you comments on motorcycle helmets. There are standards so, some companies go for CF because it's lighter but, when you look at studies that have been done comparing ECE helmets to SNELL, you'll see that for most people the ability for a helmet to withstand multiple impacts at very high speeds (like you would in race) isn't as useful as sliding down a road with lower over all force spikes but potentially more impacts. I'm not sure these studies have been updated to reflect SNELL2015 though, so maybe SNELL updated their tests.
  3. danielcroft

    Katana's dont kill people...

    People say such things about Katanas because they're very definitely a wing for an active pilot. You have to fly openings. The Katana isn't going to help you if you're low. As you load them up, you have to fly every second. The KA demands respect. Some people aren't ready for that level of performance or that level of commitment. On the other point, if you have people telling you not to fly them, you should want to find out if they're talking about the Katana not being a good wing and if not why (I think they're really fun). If they're talking about you personally, I encourage you to find out why and figure out if you're putting yourself at unnecessary risk.
  4. danielcroft

    Dekunu One

    KML export just got added. :-)
  5. danielcroft

    Dekunu One

    I'm a Dekunu "ambassador" meaning I'm sponsored by them. In addition, I'm actively involved in the project. On gSwoop support, that's something I asked for a while ago and, we agree it's something we want to add. As EvilGenius mentioned it's not available right now and, not high up the list with the priorities of launching an altimeter. Currently, you can export your jump data a couple of different ways and then use some utility to convert to the format you're looking for. Luckily for us, gSwoop have their format documented and there are freely available tools to do that conversion. This process is a pain in the dick at the moment, though. For most people, the views provided by the portal will be sufficient. For people more interested in their swooping, the conversion process is required as of now. Happy to answer questions people have.
  6. danielcroft

    Barrel roll to check for clear airspace?

    I really don't know what data to give you, I was looking through my jump videos from the event I was thinking it was on but the only one I came up with wasn't particularly convincing. After thinking about it for a while, I realized I'm only really objecting to the terminology "flattest". I think that describes the angle relative to the ground. That doesn't mean it's going to be the best angle to gain distance.
  7. danielcroft

    Dekunu One vs AON2 X2+

    I'm one of the ambassadors for Dekunu and have been jumping a prototype for a while. Happy to answer questions if I can. I didn't realize that there Aon were out there, I'm happy to see there'll be competition in the market on the advanced altimeter front. They say it's a bad thing to be in a market with no competitors, can be indicative of being too far ahead.
  8. danielcroft

    Square1 Fullface Helmet KISS - Visor Problem

    Contact Square 1, they're usually pretty good about that stuff: http://www.square1.com/
  9. danielcroft

    post your helmet!

    Tonfly 2X, TF mount, chin cup + cutaway. Sony A7 & gopro hero 5, have my flysight mount on it as well. Hypoxic adapter for the A7.
  10. danielcroft

    99 Crossire 2 vs Neos 99

    I've done a few hundred jumps on Crossfire 2s (119 & 109) but only a few on a Neos. The Neos definitely has a longer recovery arc and, given that you're hardly a newb, I doubt you'll have trouble going to the Neos from the Storm (treating it with respect, of course). The CF2 is an awesome all around canopy but, it's not really ideal for swooping IMO depending on loading and technique, of course. You don't mention what your current turn is, how many jumps you've got doing that turn, if you've got any coaching or, have a canopy mentor so, it's hard to say if the longer recovery arc is a great idea (nor do you have your loading mentioned). Given your experience, I'm not sure why you're asking on DZ.com but, I guess that's maybe because you don't have swoop peeps at your local DZ to ask?
  11. danielcroft

    Best DZ near San Diego

    They're both pretty but I'd probably say Tsunami is prettier than Skydive San Diego, although that's not to say that Skydive San Diego isn't because it is. San Diego allows big turns if you're swooping. Otherwise, I think that either is a nice spot to jump.
  12. danielcroft

    AFF near Manhattan?

    I'd suggest the person contact the Ranch and the other dropzones around NYC since they may do AFF but not advertise it as much.