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    Ritzville Boogie July 4

    Pete, you are SUCH a dick! Blues, Dave
  2. livendive

    Psychological issues of a students first free fall

    I bolded a potential third lesson. Just out of curiousity, how much experience do you have with first freefall students (S/L or IAD progression)? The arch is certainly important and should by no means be disregarded, but the real key to a successful clear and pull is, well, clearing and pulling. Body position on exit that is similar to a first jump student isn't terribly uncommon (although the reserve pull is), and while improving it is important, it shouldn't disrupt the normal order of priorities. I take my students a little higher for the first C&P, and assess them favorably if, after kicking for a second, they regain their senses and take an extra second or two (not five+) to arch before pulling. Blues, Dave
  3. livendive

    Whats your pay at your DZ

    Blues, Dave
  4. livendive

    What would you do???

    Personally, I'd try harder for a stable exit & drogue deployment. Blues, Dave
  5. livendive

    extra d ring thingie

    Are you talking about the attachment rings for a detachable slider? Blues, Dave
  6. livendive

    Michael Masterov . . .

    I do indeed remember him, one of several Mike's who regularly posted there (O'Mara, Spurgeon, Fedak, and DeadMike among the others). I'm sure RL can either confirm or deny, but I think Masterov was RM#1. Bummer. Blues, Dave
  7. livendive

    Gap in training post AFF?

    I've spent a couple hundred bucks on copies so far this season to ensure every student gets a handout of the SIM section for each category of the ISP. I also bought several SIMs and put them in manifest along with a sign-out sheet. I encourage all post-AFF students to take them home for a week at a time and read up. It also makes them handy for when the students are sitting around on a weather hold. Blues, Dave
  8. livendive

    Death Question

    I'm a proponent of telling them the truth, but I don't work at a big dz where fatalities are relatively common. Blues, Dave
  9. livendive

    question for those that gear up students

    Mine are Telesis student rigs, with small, medium, and large settings rather than a traditional friction adaptor, so I set the MLWs before donning the rig, based on my "educated guess". If it doesn't fit properly, I take it off them and re-adjust as necessary. Blues, Dave
  10. livendive


    In no particular order, relative work, no contact slot flying, teaching skills, listening skills, general awareness & observation skills,. Blues, Dave
  11. livendive

    Wrapping arms around Tandem Student

    I quit doing that at around 30 tandem jumps when we went head-low during the trapdoor, the bag bounced off the back of my legs, and we got slammed. If I have a special needs student of some sort (be it a physical disability or just a bad case of the stupids), I'll sometimes pull their forehead back with one hand during opening, but for the most part I prefer to pull the drogue release and just keep flying. Blues, Dave
  12. livendive

    Most memoriable tandem student?

    My daughter. I'm hoping to take her again this Sunday. Blues, Dave
  13. livendive

    S/L-IAD Do You Close The door

    Absolutely close it. Messing with a pilot chute while positioning a student next to an open door or having a student get next to that open door so you can hook up his S/L both seem patently unsafe. Granted, the latter could be worked around (hook up S/L first, while blocking access to the door, then reposition), but I'd much prefer there be something besides just me between him and a guaranteed reserve ride. Blues, Dave
  14. livendive

    TURBINE in Montana May 19 & 20

    What other dz.commers are gonna be there? Let's fly it as much as we can. Below are the folks I know of. aironscott D_22359 freeflyman livendive odendan (tentative) TheStepchild Blues, Dave
  15. livendive

    Have you ever given a student drouge rash?

    I'm not even sure how one would go about doing that...barrel rolling through the bridle during the throw while head high? Gah!
  16. livendive

    Lazy drogue throw VIDEO - scary!

    It reminds me of the joke "Great! I bet they won't send the truck either!" Watching the exit/freefall/droguefall, I just kept thinking, "Well, at least they've got wind for the landing." Blues, Dave
  17. livendive

    Underage students

    If they're not "dropzone kids", I don't want to play with them. Losing a big lawsuit just doesn't sound like very much fun. Blues, Dave
  18. livendive

    Blue Sky Virgin

    So how'd it go? Blues, Dave
  19. livendive

    Tandem Instructor Poll: Instructor Jumpsuits

    i could have sworn i heard you mention somthing about aproaching 1000 tandems?????? Did you notice the post you're responding to was made in August of 2003? Blues, Dave
  20. livendive

    Deliberately inducing instability in an AFF student

    That thread reminds me of why I don't usually venture into that forum. I'm not posting to it again just because it's only Monday and I've already had my fill of vilification for the week. Anyhow, inducing instability (occasionally without warning, but usually with a joking warning) is pretty much a part of my graduation jump dive flow. It's usually just a little shove during the exit, but I have once or twice done a quick "underpass" while we were still high, just to get them rocking and rolling a little. We're talking about a fast move, porpoising while simultaneously spinning to keep facing them, while at altitude...not letting them fall on me or anything like that, and not anywhere near pull time. I'd say it's less like stealing their air than borrowing their air for maybe a quarter or half second. The reason why? I'm about to let them jump either a) by themself, when they'll do god knows what, or b) with a coach who I may or may not know, and who may very easily push/burble them unintentionally. I want to know that they can handle such common occurences before they leave my care. If someone here wants to explain to me that I'm doing a bad thing and why, feel free. My ears and mind are open. I'm not as experienced as many here, and I've been doing AFF for less than 2 years, but I have trained a few students now by each of the different methods, and I feel I do pretty well by them. Blues, Dave
  21. I know a guy who ended up paralyzed from the waist down after a jump. He still goes to boogies, and he still jumps at them (though not at the same pace). Not being able to have sex again would seem to make life a helluva lot less complicated! (kidding!) I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure I'd feel it was worth it, at least after I got over the unavoidable pity party. Blues, Dave
  22. livendive

    Tough Love . . .

    Overall, a pretty good post. I agree whole-heartedly with parts and totally disagree with other parts. The "instructor camp" idea is a great one in theory, but has a fundamental logic flaw. The people who need it the most wouldn't pay to attend it. As for the full-time/part-time and small DZ/large DZ points, I guess I'm going to disagree. For perspective, I'll admit right up front that I'm a part-time instructor with relatively little experience compared to many here, and I work at small DZ's, so I'm probably somewhat biased on the subject. Here's how I disagree: - For every kudo a full-time instructor gets for their experience and tips/tricks, they get a demerit for having done it so many times that they've become jaded and don't care as much as they should. Such instructors are a great resource for instructors like me to draw from (and I do ask questions and listen with an open mind), but I have to be careful to wear a filter when listening, so I can take just the good parts and absorb none of the bad. Luckily, the one such person I turn to most frequently hasn't let jading cloud his judgement, just his enjoyment of skydiving. - For every demerit a small DZ instructor gets for having a limited body of knowledge to draw from, they get a kudo for getting personally involved with their students instead of teaching via an assembly line. Who would you rather have teaching your loved one, an instructor who's trying to turn the student into a safe skydiver who will eventually fun-jump with them? Or an instructor already eyeing his next student who would really like to finish up earning the rent so he can start working on the credit card bill? Really what it boils down to though is that the proof is in the pudding. And I'll stack the life-saving knowledge of the average small DZ novice up against the average factory DZ student's every day of the week. The sarcast would say it's because they've already needed it, but I'll say it's because their exposure has been focused on the fundamentals rather than being like the "cool kids". Blues, Dave
  23. livendive

    WestPlains Skydiving Center

    West Plains Skydiving has that great "small Cessna DZ" feel, but is made even better by that Cessna being a really nice Caravan. The people there make the DZ what it is, that being someplace where it's easy to get on a load doing RW, freefly, or Birdman jumps, and just as easy to BS with folks between jumps and after-hours ,even if you showed up not knowing a soul. The staff seems to really care about student safety as well as whether everyone (students and up-jumpers alike) has fun, and manifest couldn't possibly be nicer. Overall, it's just a really fun DZ, whether you're trying to take it easy or trying to pound out jumps. The only things that could be a little better would be a bit more development of the landing area, a real bathroom/sink instead of a porta-potty, and the ability to take debit/credit cards. Minor inconveniences compared to the upsides.
  24. livendive

    student question

    That's a good question. I can think of many "sort-of" reasons, but none that seem conclusive. Riser routing, reserve ripcord housing routing, and ability to incorporate a last hope rope jump out as possible reasons. I'd have probably told him that farts are somewhat caustic to canopy fabric, so they wanted your reserve as far away from your ass as possible. Blues, Dave