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  1. The doesn't mean that you will be in possession of Gimus stock. It means that the company you own stock in will. The Gimus stock is still a financial instrument that is held by "your" company. How this affects YOU is a matter of the nature of the securities that were purchased. Do YOUR OWN due diligence. Is this company a net asset, or liability? Even OTC companies must publish their financials. Do your footwork and decide for yourself whether this was a good move and trade accordingly. One thing to be wary of with penny stocks, is that a lot of times these outfits will acquire a bunch of fledgling companies to show more assets on the books. The idea is that they try to purvey confidence to the investors that they will be in a better position to leverage the acquired assets than the previous holders to try to drive the price up, then the executives dump it, because they don't really have a tangible business plan. Do your footwork and find out wtf is going on with your money instead of asking random motherfuckers on the internet what you should do. Every single one of us is, of course, smarter than every single whuffo, but that doesn't mean that any of us are smart enough to make your financial decisions for you :P
  2. "That was a warning, Highness. Next time my hand flies on its own. Where I come from, there are penalties when a woman lies" Shit, I guess you got me
  3. Bullshit. All amp power supplies convert AC to DC, and they should have a voltage regulator that provides smooth DC power. It depends on the quality of the capacitors in the rectifier. Good PS capacitors are cheap as fuck. Usually, the limiting factor in audio quality is the quality of the transistors in the amp, and the sensitivity and noise ratio of the speakers themselves. Anyone with a PhD in electrical engineering will tell you that most of these "audiophile" products are total bullshit. Yeah, Monster Cables? Total fucking nonsense. All the current in a cable is conducted on the outside couple of microns of a medium. Regular twisted copper is the best thing you can use behind silver and gold, and even then the cable is NOT the limiting factor.
  4. Being a real man is a combination of being a badass and respecting women. The Princess Bride will be an influence to teach my sons how to do both.
  5. Thank you for the constructive criticism. That's why I came here, so I could have people tell me that, because of course friends are just going to tell me it kicks ass even if it sucks balls.
  6. Thanks. I had actually removed those later on, but I had already exported the jpg before I did that.
  7. So here's the deal... This site Threadless lets users submit their own designs. If the design gets enough votes, it goes to press, and the submitter gets $2,000. My design is a freeflyer going head-down. I have not officially "submitted" the design, right now, it's up for "critique." I'm just looking for some people to give me some feedback on the design. Would you rock it? Do you think it sucks so bad that I should be sterilized, preventing future generations from being subjected to my progeny? You can see the design here: Any feedback is appreciated.
  8. This reminds me of an interview I recently saw with Temple Grandin. She quite autistic, as in, she didn't start to talk until she was five, and all the doctors thought she would have to be institutionalized her whole life. As it would turn out, she ended up earning a PhD in psychology, and provides us with invaluable insight into the inner experiences of moderate to severely autistic people. At any rate, when asked if, hypothetically, there were one day a pill that could cure autism, whether she would take it, she replied thusly: (paraphrased) "Autism isn't something where you either have it or you don't. Most of the people that we consider to be technical probably experience it to some degree, they're interested in things more than people. The world is better because they exist. I don't know who which caveman invented the first stone spear, but I can tell you it wasn't one of the yakity-yaks around the campfire."
  9. After seeing quite a few of my friends break their ankles, I've decided I should probably get something other than sneakers to jump in. Something with really good ankle support, but lightweight. Something with a good arch support for no-wind days would be nice, too. Any suggestions?
  10. peanut butter instead of roses.
  11. Word. Only they could fuck up this election. Does anyone remember in the distant past (6 months ago) when the GOP nomination was "up for grabs." The Republicans had "no clear leader." It's like the Dems want to lose. In fact, I've been pretty sure they have had a burning desire to lose elections ever since they nominated Kerry in '04. Something funny thing I heard... "Saying Hillary has executive experience is like saying Yoko Ono was a Beatle."
  12. You're right. My math was way off. Aside from the salaries of the cops, there's also the expenditure of the infrastructure that supports them. The price would probably be even significantly higher than what you came up with. That being said, a DOJ report showed "that among nearly 300,000 prisoners released, 67.5% were rearrested within 3 years, and 51.8% were back in prison." The cost of repeat offenders should certainly not be underestimated. It's also difficult to quantify the costs associated with unmitigated perpetuation of prison culture. It's even more difficult to affix a price tag on the human cost of having 1% of everyone in our country incarcerated, many of whom just continue the cycle of violence once released.
  13. I got to thinking about this the other day. I read somewhere that it costs around $70,000 per year to incarcerate a person. Wouldn't it be reasonable at that price to have the convict remain in society, but under 24/7 police surveillance? A cop walking right there with them everywhere they go. Think about it. In prison, there's the same gangs, the same drugs, the same ways to get in trouble. That's why there are so many repeat offenders. Now let's say that a person gets arrested for armed robbery. They're sentenced to 10 years. What if that 10 years was spent in public with 24/7 police escort? After 10 years of not being in the kinds of situations that precipitated that person's turn to a criminal lifestyle, they'd probably have their shit together enough to function in society. Granted, the deterrent effect of prison would be greatly reduced. But I believe that it would be offset by a HUGE reduction in repeat offenses. Let me know what y'all think
  14. From AMBOY, Wash. - There could be a major break in the biggest crime mystery in Northwest history.The FBI in Seattle is beginning analysis of a long-buried parachute - the same type used by skyjacker D.B. Cooper when he jumped from an Northwest Orient Airlines 727 with a 25 pound money bag containing 200-thousand dollars ransom on Thanksgiving eve 1971. The children of a Clark County contractor found the parachute buried in a field that their father has recently plowed for a road. The chute is white and conical shaped, dirty and deteriorated. Seattle Agent Larry Carr will clean it and search for a label, which could match the chute to a companion reserve chute left behind by Cooper in the plane. Carr, who's now in charge of the Cooper case, says the parachute was found near the center of the original jump zone identified by searchers in November 1971, between the towns of Ariel and Amboy, Washington. In 1980, a family on a picnic found 58-hundred dollars of the loot on a Columbia River beach, near Vancouver. How it got there is another mystery. Some scientists believed the money bag traveled down the Washougal River, which is upstream from the beach, miles from where this parachute was recently found. The Clark County property owner says the plow blade unearthed something. He didn't notice it at first, but later his children, playing there, saw some cloth sticking above the earth. They pulled on it, and more cloth came out. They kept pulling, until the chute's shroud lines appeared. They cut them and notified the FBI in Seattle. Part of the chute remains buried in the field and will need to be dug out with heavy equipment. Agent Carr showed KOIN News 6 other evidence items in his possession, including Cooper's clip-on tie and clasp, from which FBI forensics experts were able to extract the hijacker's DNA. The agency is releasing this information to the public, hoping it will produce more information about the hijacking case. 3/24/2008
  15. Ditto. What you do with other upjumpers is your business. Leave the bystanders out of it. They come to the DZ and drop a couple hundred bucks under the assumption that every safety precaution is being taken for them. They put their life in your hands. If the behavior in question warrants any kind of discussion whatsoever, it should be avoided. Doing otherwise is unfair to the people who don't know any better.
  16. One night I had the spins so fucking bad...I thought that getting in the shower might fix it. I passed out in there, and woke up like six hours later. I was laying on top of the drain, so when I woke up, there was about 5 inches of water in my bathroom, my bedroom, the hallway, and my roomate's room. Luckily, I lived upstairs, so it stopped being my problem, and started being the downstairs neighbors' problem pretty quick.