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  1. You can always find a mountain and fly down its slope, or start organizing flocks with the people who did not make the cut, or just go your own way, like just having a good time flocking with people with less than 100 skydives. Don't worry, if you fuck up a jump just mention my name, next thing pink mike will blow you.
  2. Yes. True gay people should come to this one, homophobics to Scott's.
  3. Yes and he did it. He spotted, flew the pattern as planned, opened upwind from the target in 40 MPH uppers, made it back, landed 10' from the pees, and stood up the landing with a big smile (most important part). Like opening and flying a canopy? How hard is that anyway? Oh you mean cuttingaway? One handle or two in most cases, one is his case but he did not need to. Both. I went over what could go wrong and what do do in order to live. However before leaving the plane I told him to go out relax and kill it. I did not toss him out of the door. He tossed himself out of it. BS, there is no negative. There are possible problems that could occur but still lead to a positive outcome if proper instruction is given and followed, and proper instruction was given and followed.
  4. You're cute, I'll take you up. How's this..You wear a WS and a tandem rig. I teach you and you strap me in front of you, that's how confident I am that we will be just fine and have a ball as well.
  5. You did great but don't suck your own cock yet. I took a guy up with 54 jumps and he nailed it! The dude was flying the WS like he's done it 100 times before. Oh he was wearing a real WS not a tracking suit. WS is easy, everything is easy if you find the right person to show you how easy everything is. Steer away from anybody telling you anything is hard, because in most cases they do think it's hard so they have no fucking clue how to teach it. I could positively teach this guy how to haul tandems or base in less than 1 hour and he'll do just fine, and probably better than 90% of the TI and base jumpers out there. I shit you not! Can anyone with 50 jumps go up and have fun with a WS? No, but there are people who can. Only chose he/she who can teach solely based on his/her wisdom, not knowledge.
  6. Pink Mike can outfly all of you guys while flying naked. Pink Mike can fly on my ass anytime.
  7. BANG BANG BANG! I don't care how slow you guys get on your pissing contests, Purple/Pink Mike still got the biggest cock!
  8. Ditto on Vince experience. I have had a 20U from Yamata for over three years and lots of miles on it. It's been flawless. Just because it's made in China does not mean it's junk. New Singers are made in China and Taiwan as well. Also Frank's CS has been really good.
  9. This usually happens when everybody thinks the base is the guy flying on his back...I know the dude is pretty good but he ain't got no eyes on the back of his head. The sick part is that I was told someone on the load knew this and knew where you were heading and kept flying that way in the hope of landing on the beach which did not happen anyway. You guys should sell those silly suit and go back to freefly or better yet RW so if you land off is always the pilot's fault. Fuckin' amateurs especially that Nick dude.
  10. Fuckin BANG!!! You guys are gay especially that Nick dude.
  11. AFAIK this is a dry event. No lube will be supplied and those using lube will be banned.
  12. One thing the committee is trying to do for the 4.0 is to increase the level of gayness hence the decision of letting Purple dictating the event. The committee at this point does not know if this will allow the level of coolness to rise up but everyone hopes so. The t-shits will be replaced by a picture of Pink Mike that will be John Hancocked by Purple himself for a little fee that must be payed in nature. Purple is also organizing a psychedelic party for Saturday night. A number of LSD pills will be randomly distributed in the beer. The committee is actually thinking about dropping an industrial quantity of mescaline in one of the beer kegs. On Friday night, we will have a running competition just like last year but with the exception that all the participants must be under the influence of ketamine. The committee foresees the participants to take about 3 hours to complete the 50' course.
  13. Of course as everybody is gay just different degrees of gayness.