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  1. I'm flying into Orlando on the evening of Thursday 13th March and I was planning on staying at Z-Hills until either Monday 17th or Tuesday 18th. If there's anyone who would like to share the cost of a hire car for this time, give me a shout! Cheers, Paul.
  2. 29. Paul Housley (ph8068)
  3. Don't suppose a date's been set for this yet?
  4. ph8068


    Well I finally got to put the first three jumps on my Ghost this weekend, both solos and flocking. Fantastic! Flying for max glide, the suit feels wonderfully stable. And digging the wings in, you can a huge amount of instantaneous lift to maneouvre within a flock. Maybe vertical numbers mean nothing, but going for distance, I blitzed my personal best on my old GTi according to my Protrack - shows how the technology has moved on if nothing else. If you get a chance, try one
  5. ph8068


    Me? Yeah I can only afford one rig I've never had any problems with my GTi and a Crossfire2. I'll let you know if I do with the Ghost
  6. ph8068


    It made my day when this arrived in the office post. I was up for the obligatory office pics but the looks I got when I pulled it out of the envelope were already too strange! As you can see from the colour of the sky at the DZ, the suit remains in its unflown pristine condition. Fingers crossed for next weekend! Things I like: - The angle of the wing tip grippers which feel really comfortable - The inflation mechanism of the torso - The great fit - The v v bright orange!!!!!! Incidentally, my old GTi's now for sale in the classifieds (shameless plug!)
  7. Noticed on the Aerograd website that the DZ is now open all year round. Anyone been there around April? What's the weather like at this time? Also, can't really find a proper website for Stupino other than for the Malevsky Cup - anyone got a link? Thanks for your help, Paul.
  8. There's more than one slider size available for the Spectre. Sounds like you have a large slider at present, ideal for cameraman. PD should be able to supply you with a smaller slider to speed up your openings. Then you still have a free choice of microline or dacron, whichever suits you best. I have a smaller slider and my openings are about 600ft every time.
  9. No, just about every canopy is trimmed more steeply than the "max glide" setting. At max glide, the airspeed of the canopy is quite low which would mean a very weak flare so that landings would be horrible. To achieve max glide, in zero winds, requires a certain rear riser input, which "flattens" the canopy relative to the horizon. This is very different from applying brakes. A small amount of brake will probably increase your glide ratio in zero winds(depending on the canopy design) but not as much as rear risers. In zero winds, deep brakes will never increase your glide ratio. Watch a first time student come in to land who flares at 50ft. Once their airspeed has been bled off during the flare, their descent is then way more vertical than when they were on full drive.
  10. On your canopy, you are never going to be far wrong by making that assumption. For steeply-trimmed canopies, however, it may be a little more complicated.
  11. I've heard loads of good stories about AXA in the past. Maybe your case was an exception - at least they paid out For those taking an annual policy with AXA, you must do this online a good 10 days in advance of leaving on your first trip. If you wait until the last minute, you need to phone them up and they charge you a higher non-online rate.
  12. Couldn't say for definite we were all docked at that instant, though I'm pretty sure we had the 4-way dock at some point through the jump. But hey, it looks like a dock on camera - that's all that counts
  13. Loads of pretty pics on this forum always from the US and mainland Europe. So, thought I'd just show that flocking in the UK is alive and well! This was taken at Netheravon at sunset a few weekends ago:
  14. Anyone got a photo? Or could draw it?
  15. To complicate the argument even further, if you are swooping in a strong downwind then you want to transition to toggles much earlier. This is because you want your canopy to have more lift at the expense of more drag - you want to "float" on the wind down the course to get more distance. Just like using deep brakes to get back in a strong downwind from a long spot, this is the same situation.