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  1. As winter season keeps going strong with snow storms the south is already anticipating the looking summer. For a limited time the Bahams are now open for skydiving and the ultimate beach experience. This opportunity will soon be picked up by a larger Drop Zone. Don't miss this opportunity to hit your own reset button. I am about to board a plane for Rum Cay for my own personal scouting trip and will have my own story n pictures soon. This is by far one of the most awesome jump opportunities I have come acrross in a long time. A perfect couples n group trip. All inclusive! Check out all the info and hold ur slot now. Space is very limited! Tue 18JAN DELTA 9402* OK Q LV ABU DHABI 115A B ** AR AMSTERDAM 545A COACH *Operated by KLM ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINES As KL Flt 450 Tue 18JAN DELTA 251 OK Q LV AMSTERDAM 800A B ** AR DETROIT 1040A COACH Tue 18JAN DELTA 1505 OK Q LV DETROIT 1215P V ** AR ORLANDO INTL 255P COACH "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough!" Mario Andretti
  2. Thanks! You Rock. "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough!" Mario Andretti
  3. Fellow wingsuiter and BASE jumping ILL Vision Teammate “Jimmy Hopper” made a little video and made the cut for the contest. Video centers around Team ILL Vision’s latest trip to Little CO for some big wall BASE jumping wingsuit action. Take a quick look and support with a quick vote. "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough!" Mario Andretti
  4. Thanks to Everyone for making the trip out, jumping, partying and having a great time flying at Skydive Sebastian. Pics are up on my blod at, use firefox or update your IE. HP "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough!" Mario Andretti
  5. November 16th - 18th "Rip Cord Promotions” presents javascript: addTag('cool') "Fire and Ice" WingSuit Boogie Hosted by Skydive Sebastian and sponsored by Tony Suits. Fire and Ice wingsuit weekend features the World Famous Wing Suit Designer and Organizer Jeff Nebelkopf, Expert Camera Flyer Scotty Burns of Sky Sq Productions and Skydive Sebastian's own Harry Parker. Jeff and Tony Suits bring their latest wing designs and plenty of demo suits to try out. Saturday Ice artist Jeff himself will carve up something special in a fire display of purpose and attitude complete with the a "Booze Louge." Did you get Flogged at the Flock?? Come and have fun over the ocean for a change! This is the time to experience the treasure coast as the season comes on. Come and jump. It’s that simple. No pressure. Just so you know...... Sunday, November 18th. Night of Arabia At The Zoo Bar Presented by: The Sky Hippies & Rip Cord Promotions Enjoy the pleasures of Taste and Sight. Fresh middle eastern food prepared by our very own Grumpy Jew and The Professional Belly Dancing of Mindy! Doors close at 6:30 pm Entertainment 7:00 pm Limited slots at $19 At the door $25 but only $15 for all WingSuiter’s at the door!  That’s right, do nothing, decided when you show up. We will make room for you and only you. Just another reason to jump at Sebastian. Who loves ya! I do fool! Go to to register for party and more info. Sorry, but Explorer has trouble reading my page. Will change programs soon. email or call if you have questions [email protected] "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough!" Mario Andretti
  6. Justin! That you! Harry Parker here. If I remember right, I had to explain to your WIFE WHY the hell you needed to get pins, Quincy 97? Bet that was the last time you jumped a round! Yes, Dennis started the muff brothers many years ago and well................Johnny carried the torch. Oh, yeah, don't forget to mention Steve Jester, God forbid or he might freak out or something. Johnny Gates will forever be remembered as the “guy who go me on THAT load.” He embodied the spirit of skydiving, camaraderie, the bond that creates a team, a club and friends that become family and last forever. I can only wish that the videos of the conventions of the mid 90’s survived portraying Johnny as the leader Muffing his way through life easy and carefree. We ruled back in those days. When the Muff Brothers showed up, move over cause we were taking over. Dennis and the gang would show up, scheme, covertly plan and pretty much get away with anything. Johnny was always there to lead the cheers, the dives and vibe, all we had to do was stir the pot and back him up or cover for him when we poached slots or stalled the plane. Skydiving was about nothing but fun and feeling extremely lucky for being able to do what we get to do as skydivers. He would jump with anyone, no matter what the experience. He made himself the opposite of the Sky-God and he did it with style. Johnny personified the Muff Brothers. Through the Muff Brothers he found his true calling, creating something from nothing and making it the most valuable experience possible, just like his life. The Muff Brothers could not have hoped for a better human to show up for the job of keeping the book and creating new members. We all could not have hoped for a better person from heart to soul to carry the torch of spirit, friendship, fun and the Muff Brother Flag. Johnny’s deep raspy voice will forever be heard at Z-Hills and shall rattle the doors of planes and the ears of tandems across the globe till the end of time due to his diligence of spreading his love and light to all he met. As a skydiver he has had more contact with up and coming jumpers then anyone on record. His egoless style with jumpers made life long friends and impacts on everyone he met. Truly, if you got to jump with Johnny when you first started out in skydiving, your career as a jumper took a new path. He will forever be an icon to Z-Hills and to everyone who met him. His impact on the sport itself is immeasurable as the good will and spirits are passed on through everyone he jumped or muffed. We can only hope we get to go that way, tracking into the sunset on his way to Gaspirllia in Tampa on the 20th. He couldn’t have thought up a better exit himself. Johnny is not gone and never will be. He is one of the few who are called a legend and he lives through us everyday. Muff Muff Muff ! Harry Parker MB#376 "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough!" Mario Andretti
  7. Nice job! These wing extensions took little time to install and seem to make a big difference. I just got back from Norway. I barely had enough time to install them before I left. Although I have made no skydives with the suit since installation I can say that my BASE exits were right on the money and I outflew those with S2's. No one could catch up with me and in the relative flying department I flew circles around my buddies. I was able to fly along the wall for half the flight and the other half still reach the landing area. A big improvement on last time. Having the wing litterally in my hand made handling and control just that, control. It feels like I have an extra 25% wing. From exit point five I was able to turn quicker towards the wall, stop the turn quicker and fly right through the water fall with ease, something I had to try hard with last time. Thanks, I feel like I have a new suit again for less then $50 and 30 mins at the sewing machine. Harry Parker Attached is a pic of me about to fly under the rock and throught the waterfall. The video is awesome! "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough!" Mario Andretti