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  1. The opening of registration on July 1st is just around the corner! Just like last year, there are no background checks, finger print scans, or any other security hassles. Just register and come jump. There are a couple of key changes to be aware of. First, we switched to Eventzilla (from Eventbrite). This is the site where you can register and get a lot more information: Second, the reason we switched registration sites is so that we could make it mandatory to upload your photo for your jump pass. The single biggest headache of running Bridge Day is getting pics for the passes, and having to take and print photos, and then laminating passes at check-in because photos were not sent in. You cannot complete registration without uploading your pic, so make sure you have a pic, preferably of just you. Everyone has a phone with a camera, so take a quick selfie, upload, and you will be good to go. If you have any questions please respond to this thread and I will do my best to answer them quickly. Thanks, and see you at the bridge!
  2. I’m a senior rigger in Severna Park. I’d be happy to look your gear over and install a new AAD. I’d recommend sending your main in for a new line set as I don’t have a bar tack machine so the factory would do a better job than I would. PM me if interested. I can also highly recommend Will Linne, a master rigger in Falls Church. He may install line sets and can definitely do everything else.
  3. Hey, I live in MD. I'm an AFF instructor at Skydive Delmarva. Feel free to ask me anything.
  4. Hi Joey, We'd be happy to help you through your AFF at Skydive Delmarva. Go here for more information about it: If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Blue skies, Gregor
  5. Hi Tom, I'm an AFF and Tandem instructor at Delmarva. So is my roommate Pat who is also an instructor at iFly Baltimore. I won't be there this weekend but everyone down there is very friendly and I think you'll have a great time. Hopefully I'll see you there one of these weekends. Enjoy your jump(s) and blue skies! -Gregor PS: I like your kids' sense of humor
  7. Makes sense. Thank you. I guess it's just a matter of finding the right size washer. I'll put the pictures here in case it helps anyone else. [inline IMG_7213.JPG] Fully assembled [inline IMG_7215.JPG] Knob off. Washer in place. [inline IMG_7216.JPG] Knob and washer off. [inline IMG_7217.JPG] Washer front. [inline IMG_7218.JPG] Washer back. [inline FullSizeRender.jpg] Knob
  8. Thanks for the tip. I did tighten the locking knob as much as I could without the stop screw in place and the hand wheel still slipped without much resistance. Can you explain more about shimming the gap between the locking knob and hand wheel?
  9. Thanks for the tip. I'll go the other way and try some bigger needles. Anyone have a good source for 20u parts? I'm having trouble finding the handwheel and stop motion parts.
  10. Thank you both! I took the stop motion clamp screw off, cleaned it, cleaned the hand wheel and cleaned the three-eared wassher and put it all back together. I found a very helpful blog post with good pictures that explained how to put the 3 eared washer back in the right way: After all that, even with the stop motion clamp screw tightened the whole way my machine still slips without much resistance. I'll order some smaller needles (I was using 18/110 so I'll try 16/100). I think I'm also going to get a new hand wheel and stop motion parts because the whole mechanism seems to rely on friction and perhaps my parts are a bit worn.
  11. On the 20u there is a smaller wheel inside the hand wheel that you can use to disengage the needle. When the needle is disengaged the hand wheel spins freely. When the needle is engaged turning the hand wheel moves the needle up and down. However on my machine when the needle is engaged and I try to sew through something heavy the hand wheel moves but it can't push the needle through the material. It spins freely as if it were disengaged. The only way I can get the needle through the material is to push it down by hand. It seems like one of the parts of the mechanism to disengage the needle might be worn. Has anyone ever had this issue with a 20u or similar machine? Any thoughts on how to fix it? This happens even with a new needle and the material isn't overly thick. One example is trying to sew a BOC pouch on, so 2 layers of binding tape, a layer of cordura and a layer of spandex.
  12. We have changed the B license minimum to a 50 jump minimum.
  13. Skydive Delmarva [inline heli.png] A 4 passenger R66 helicopter from Charm City Helicopters will be here on Saturday, November 26, 2016! Jumps will be from approximately 5000 feet. First jump is $60. After that jumps are $45. B license minimum. Click here to buy your first jump!
  14. [inline fluid.png] Fluid Wings Demo Weekend -- $25 includes: - Access to Fluid Wings demo canopies - Coaching by John Judy and Scott Roberts - Cookout and keg on Saturday night Reserve your spot by going to or calling 888-875-3540. Learn more about Fluid Wings Canopies at
  15. I think you saw the "Industry Standard Prerequisites" to take a First Jump Course on Personally I agree with that standard as a minimum for anyone who wants to start BASE jumping as a hobby. Historically there have been many skydivers who just want to jump at Bridge Day and not necessarily continue BASE jumping as a hobby. Considering the history of the event, the height of the bridge, the river to land in, the rescue boats, and the availability of onsite training the requirement to jump at Bridge Day was set at 50 skydives. If you have never BASE jumped before you must complete a First Jump Course before jumping. There will be two courses offered onsite before Bridge Day this year: A 6 hour course will be run once again by Marc Lambert of Twin Falls Base ($108.00) Johnny Utah is running a 3 day course ($495)
  16. The Bridge Day Commission runs Bridge Day. Marcus Ellison, an experienced BASE jumper from Fayetteville is the Lead Volunteer and the BASE jumpers' representative on the Bridge Day Commission. I'm doing this from memory so I might not have the exact title correct. I'm organizing the rest of the volunteer BASE jumper staff (gear checkers, jump masters, etc.). I've been working at Bridge Day since 2005. Many people had many different reasons for not going to Bridge Day last year. Personally, I wasn't going to go until they rescinded the finger scan requirement. When they made finger scans optional that was enough for me to volunteer and jump again. The Commission stuck to their word and I and many others were able to jump without getting my finger scanned. I know I speak for many when I say had a great time last year, had no problems with any LEO and look forward to jumping again this year.
  17. Registration is now open: Info about jumping: Finger scans and background checks are not required to jump this year. You must have at least 50 skydives to jump.
  18. One more quick update: during the boogie you'll be able to buy books of 5 jump tickets for $110 (saves $15 off the regular price).
  19. A few updates: 1. Facebook event page: 2. Single Day Beer and Dinner passes now available 3. We are looking for packers for this event. Please contact us at 888-875-3540 if interested.
  20. [inline freedom.jpg] High altitude jumps for both experienced and first time jumpers, nightly dinner and beer, raffle for indoor skydiving time and other prizes! High altitude jumps will be from 18,000 feet and will be on the last load on Friday July 1 and first and last loads Saturday through Monday. $50 for experienced skydivers and $325 for tandem skydivers includes supplemental oxygen and safety briefing. All other loads this weekend will fly to 14,500 feet! Click here to sign up:
  21. Classroom portion - Friday June 10 7PM, Jumps on Saturday and Sunday. Rain date: June 17-19 Cost: $50 per person plus your jump slots. Skydive Delmarva will cover instructor jump slots! Contact Wicked Wingsuits by Friday Jun 3rd and mention this course to receive 2 suits for 6 weeks for only $200! Please call 888-875-3540 or go to to reserve your slot.
  22. Cost: $200 per person plus jump slots for you and an evaluator for two jumps. Taught by John Williams The USPA Coach Rating is the first step and a prerequesite to becoming a skydiving instructor and may be earned by jumpers with at least 100 jumps and a USPA B license. Coaches can teach the general sections of the first-jump course and train and supervise students for group skydiving skills. Coaches work under the supervision of instructors. You only have to pay $50 to reserve your space in the course. You can pay the balance on the day of the course. To reserve your slot call 888-875-3540 or go to
  23. Please call 888-875-3540 or email [email protected] to sign up. Basic Canopy Skills Course Where: Skydive Delmarva Laurel, DE When: July 18, 2015 8:00 AM Cost: $100 per person. This does not include your jump slots. Course Description: This class will begin with 2-3 hours of ground school followed by 5 jumps. The ground school will cover equipment and canopy design, control inputs, when different techniques are most appropriate, and rules for separation and canopy traffic. Prior to each jump we will brief the objective for the upcoming jump and set expectations of the participant. Performance maneuvers will include, but not be limited to: front and rear riser turns, stalls, proper flaring technique, crosswind landings, flat turns and braked flight and stalls. After each jump, participants will gather for a group debrief with video. This 5 jump course will satisfy all of the requirements of the USPA Canopy Piloting Proficiency Card and more.
  24. This has been postponed due to the rainy weather forecast. We don't have a new date yet but I'll update the thread when we do.