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  1. One way to protect yourself, have seller put down in writing EXACT condition of rig. Get a postal money order, POSTAL money order. If anything is not as stated, the postal service will pursue and remedy the situation. It is important to use a postal money order, it is then a federal issue. Years ago my ex wanted to get involved with a work at home envelope stuffing thing, it sounded too good to be true, so I used a postal money order for startup costs, and as I suspected, it was a scam. We contacted the postal service, it took a while, but we got the most eyes back, and was deposed for trial evidence.
  2. Oh okay, reading compreHenson obviously got me, I thought it said you must provide 3rd party insurance. Thanks!
  3. Does my 1,000,000 umbrella policy count? Thanks, Tom
  4. But over all a good deal? Safe, would you jump with it?
  6. Notice their summer special sale goung on, Brand new rig, used AAD, for sub $5000? Is their stuff of good quality? Any thing to look out for? New jumper, 195 lbs, 52 years old so slow and controllable is fine with me. Flew a 260 in AFF, had zero complaints about that size canopy. Thanks, Tom
  7. Can't imagine the looks you got carrying a right onto the plane.
  8. Everything makes sense, except the "non busy" part, Lol. Thanks,
  9. Ok, so I did my AFF this past weekend, I bought a log book, and all data was written down in it. So, looking at my A license proficiency card, I have done many of the skills listed. Can I just transfer the data, or do I have to take it back to the instructor for such.
  10. Well, 25 years ago I started to take "skydiving lessons" this was static line jumping. We got shutdown by weather, I never did jump. Well this past weekend, did ground training and A and B jumps on Saturday, Sunday did the other 5 jumps. Have to admit, this 52 year old body is feeling it! BUT, weather looks good this coming weekend,,, going back to chip away at my A license.
  11. Well, I just did AFF training this weekend. I'm 52, and have to admit, 7 jumps over 2 days for this new old guy has me sore. Planning on jumping next weekend!!!!
  12. I have met Pat, most familiar with Rich, Harry got me looking into this again. Kris was the instructor on our first visit there. Had Victoria once, she had Pat fly with me. All great people! Was really humbled Wednesday night when I tried back flying for the first time.
  13. 52 year old who has about 45 min tunnel time, doing AFF this weekend! I started at IFly Baltimore thanks to my teenage daughters exchange student in July. Couldn't get my 16 and 13 year Olds to try it, but their 13 year old exchange student could. I knew I'd love it, they love it too. Last week Harry approached me , (usually fly with Rich) and planted the skydive seed in my head again, so Saturday, I'm starting AFF at Delmarva. Funny story, told my girls I was going skydiving, asked them if I should, and would they rather have me (successful training and skydives) or the money from my life insurance, they BOTH asked "how much money?"!!!! Anyway, I'll report back, if I am able ;') after this weekend. Cheers, Tom