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  1. virgin-burner

    Entfernung zur Droozone

    Kauf dir n'wohnwagen! Ich bin auch so anderthalb, zwei stunden weg von meinen zu springenden plätzen, früh raus, das wird schon!
  2. virgin-burner

    I suck - but can still fly with angels

    if you suck, you need a bigger suit!
  3. virgin-burner

    Astra ADD

    the simple answer is: no.
  4. virgin-burner

    Wingsuiting gear questions

    i jump a 119er saphire 2 at about 1.5, i just bought a long bridle since i've got a havoc, i hope this will cure the offheadings and linetwists. if not, i might ask the same question as you do now. or one of them stowless bags maybe? Edit: why dont you ask in the WS-forum?
  5. the simplest solution to this problem i found was selecting a smart design and great workman-ship over some hyped product, so i just bought suits from [url]Phoenix-Fly[/url]!
  6. do a jumping holiday. jump lots. jump. took me about 100 jumps to get rid of the un-easyiness. it'll get better with time!
  7. virgin-burner

    Innie Outie Zipper Modification

    even when i dont agree with it, at least you're making an effort and are doing an "educational" video. that's cool!
  8. virgin-burner

    Bridge Day 2015

    fuck it, just dont go! there's always the OTHER bridge day! HURT them where it does, and that's in their wallets!
  9. virgin-burner

    altering a jumpsuit

    really, 160 views and no-one has tried that before?
  10. virgin-burner

    Offsize Canopies

    where is there an "off"size!?
  11. virgin-burner

    Backpacking Round The World.. How Do I take my rig?

    get the tiniest canopy/reserve you can find; otherwise you will only be able to bring a pair of boxers and a pair of socks with your 25lbs..
  12. virgin-burner

    Canon EOS 7D Mark 2?

    it doesnt have a wink-shutter.
  13. virgin-burner

    Sonic Aerial vs Instructor - Pictures Needed

    how about the v2.0 with the double-cordura on arms and legs? that will slow you down as well, you also have the baggy-option. i'm 178cm and weigh about 90kgs, my fallrate is fine with double and "normal" fit.
  14. virgin-burner

    uspa membership insurance

    "3rd party liability insurance"; says it all, doesnt it!? oh yea, question marks are for losers!
  15. virgin-burner

    Beat the wife

    that is pretty funny actually.. well, you know, not that he hurt himself, but the poster and so on.. wishing him a speedy recovery n'all; and that he gets his million likes!