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  1. OK I will play. I know you, Spence, and Bolas. And a bunch of people here.
  2. The Stones will be there that's Anthony, Kathleen and Ken. Save us an RV slot for our travel trailer. :)
  3. Thanks for the update Ian. Keep us posted as to Shannons condition. We will be sending all our prayers, love and healing vibes his way.
  4. Dale that is awesome! When are you coming to the US to jump with us?
  5. Fixed this. Anthony would be sad if Ken got the kudos for his organizing. ;) AWESOME BOOGIE and thanks to all you 35 jump wonders that jumped with me and took on a ride. LOL
  6. Wow! I was stationed there for 3 years. It is such a beautiful island. I learned to scuba dive there. An earthquake of that magnitude probably caused alot of damage. There are several USMC and AF bases on Okinawa and a Naval Hospital. I have friends stationed there still. I am going to facebook them and see if I can get any info.
  7. did you get any takers yet? I bet you know who would coach ya'll. I guess I can be in charge of feeding you guys since my rotator cuff is torn and Anthony has grounded me till the doctors says its ok. :( I can still make a sandwich and manifest people though. See ya at Fitz.
  8. Blue Skies Jill, we will all miss you so much.
  9. Mid 20's and snowing here in Knoxville. Burrrrrr.....
  10. Thanks, I thought so too. I love 4way and coaching. I think it would really show who has teaching skills and who doesn't.
  11. I think you hit the nail on the head DSE. Coaching is all about teaching. You have to be very aware in the air with a student. You will not be able to debrief them if you are not. And of course you have to be able to translate what you know to the student so that they understand. I also think that this applies to AFFI. I taught adult skills based educational programs for years both civilian and military and that experience directly relates to coaching skydiving. I just felt that it took me more than 100 jumps to be aware enough in the air to actually be useful debriefing students. As for flying skills, your right we as coaches are not required to stop them spinning, roll them over or pull for them. But we do have to be in the same air space with a student to see them and give signals. So some flying skills are necessary. Hey I get enough flipping, rolling and fruitlooping doing combat RW with my mates. Sounds like it might be good practice if I ever wanted to go for AFFI. To bad there is not some positive reinforcement in place to recognize the teaching skills of coaches and AFFI. Some one should organize a coaches and insturctors challenge to train students. AFFI's and coaches could team up and take a student from jump number one to the A license then take their students and have a mini competition. Just a thought, it sounds like fun to me. Plus, I think students would have a blast too.
  12. Yes see the AFF is too easy thread. But to answer your question about the rating. I am in favor of a C license and 200 jump minimum. It just makes sense.
  13. Just my 2cents as a relatively new coach. I agree with the C license and 200 jump minimum to take the coach course. Actually, I had just gotten my C when I took the coach course because that is when I felt comfortable doing so. Also, just a suggestion make the progression from coach a combo of time in rate and documented student jumps. I agree with most here that getting a coach rating one week and the AFFI or Tandem rating the next weekend is not good. I don't know how anyone can really believe that they would be a good AFFI who has not done any jumps with students. However, with the current system if you don't have a time in rate requirement for coach it is possible to obtain the AFFI rating without actual student jumps.
  14. Awesome, let me know if you all are going to be there on Saturday Jan 2.