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  1. I m really curios to know what MARDs you don't like and for what reasons, PM welcome! Maybe using the opposite effect of a pirouette could help, get into a tight bodyposition before you cut away. If you end up spinning after the cutaway,, get wide, this will decrease your rate of spin, hopefully to the point where it is way easier to deal with it?! If the risers are not released absolute simultaneously, this should also have an effect, one way or the other, giving you less or more momentum to spin, depending on which one goes first (and what direction your main is spinning)?!
  2. It was for sure not a side spin, I was on my back. Only similarity being that it also happened after 30 years of jumping. :-) I have an overall "emergency experience" of about 25 cutaways, some pretty tough ones included, (some but not all.of fhose canopy formation related) but 80 - 90% of them not too much of a big deal. But this one hit me hard out of the blue. The very moment I cutted away, I found myself immediately in a very(!) fast flatspin, very(!) high forces, no chance to get it stopped or turned for way too long... Looking into angular momentum I found a possible explanation. Angular momentum consists of ground angular momentum and inherent angular momentum. As the sum of both needs to stay constant (as long as no "forces from.outside" come in to play to increase or decrease it), the inherent one needs to go up significantly the moment the ground one "collapses" = the moment you cut away... Private messages I received talk about the same kind of experiences. A danger I wasn't aware of - at least not to this extent - if it comes to ultrahighperformance parachutes and as fast as I spun I doubt that MARDs of any kind are the ultimate answer.... I gave all I had and it still.ended as a close call!
  3. Hi everyone, I wonder how many of you have experienced such scenarios, what you think caused them, and how you handled the situation. I had a really bad one recently....
  4. Just a short note to all but the very top experts (who - I´m sure - will like it as well). I had the opportunity to see Brians new video "Surviving Swooping" and I liked it a lot, well done! Give it a try, you wont be disappointed! And no, I´m not related to him, I just think it deserves to get viewers! Cheers...
  5. I dont confirm that (sorry in a hurry)
  6. Have a closer look and try to count how many landings have been made to cut this together...
  7. And the winner is: DocPop! Congratulations! He took the gold for mentioning: 1. lean forward - less drag on the jumper - jumper moves forward relative to the wing - system pitches up.
  8. Any thoughts on those? Are they considered a mandatory piece of equipment if you do someting where you might not have the toggles in your hands at all times? Do they lower the risk of having a toggle trapped in a line significantly? Where to get em? Any recommendations? Thanks!
  9. Hello, I´m looking for some informations regarding 4way rotation. Some of the questions I have are: - If leaving at the top/starting to rotate, is it a minor input with both toogles before the aggressive input with one toggle or is it one toggle only? - Do you have the formation in sight at any time? The moment after the first aggressive toggle input, this doesnt seem being that easy... - Where is your position relative to the formation by the time you start your frontriser dive towards it (towards the formation)? Right at the side of the formation or already a bit behind? If behind, how much? How high are you that moment (in a perfect world)? As high as the highest canopy of the formation? Higher? - To dive down, is always just one frontriser being used or might be a bit of input on the other frontriser as well? - At what point (position relative to the formation and heading of the rotator) does the frontriserinput stop? - And now to the most important one: How the hell do I manage to rotate fast without docking with too much momentum?? If I dive below the formation, allowing for some toggleinput to slow me down, I´m docking while bringing a reasonable amount of lift with me and therefore "climbing" into the formation, this doesnt seem to be the way to do it. If I aim straight for the target, I come in with a lot of horizontal speed, not resulting in a dock with little (horizontal) momentum at all. What to do? Thanks for any kind of information!
  10. Two types of drag? How about induced drag, number three. And linedrag is a parasite drag, not part of Profile drag...
  11. I think I remember that Jay did 105.14mph (47m/s) during the testjumps for the speedcypres. But I´m not 100% sure about it as it´s been quite a while... I think that information was on the Airtecwebsite, (cant find it at the moment) but I can ask em. I can also ask em what the fastest speed is they ever downloaded from their dataloggers. I was doing some jumps a couple of years ago for em (2008?) and pulled 101mph. That was at a loading of about 2.55 (if I remember correctly) by doing 450s, initiated from pretty high. (I´m burning the same or even more altitude for a 450 than many persons use for 630s). I dont know how fast I go today at loadings between 2.9 and 3.2. What I would be even more interested in, aint the vertical speed - but the true airspeed! As we dont go straight down but in spiral, the way is longer and the true speed HAS to be faster than the rate of descent. It would be of my interest to get more of those numbers as they likely exceed belly terminal. (And this also tells us that you can only go that fast in a tiny bodyposition.)
  12. Is there any rule of thumb regarding the lifespan of risers? Taking the type into account? Does the "low drag option" (folded and sewed for swooping) make any difference? How about the lifespan of softlinks? Thanks!
  13. Has anyone some experience with that setting? Is it "usable" for a bit more "serious" filming (compared to all those other ultrawide-actioncam-angles)? Or is it still way "too wide"? Thanks for any thoughts...
  14. I only own a regular Storm with the CF-options, but a friend of mine just got his CF Storm 107, loves(!) it in the air, but has problems to get reasonable landings. Any recommendations?
  15. Think about it, make a drawing if necessary... what could be the "problem" with that very design? what is it "lacking"? especially if it comes to the central 3 out of 5 given cells between linegroups?
  16. and because that is, there is a very reasonable difference between a frontriserinput alone (lets call it neutral, legs hanging) or a FR-input with your legs/knees brought up in front of you (not just due to formdrag!) in the later "version" the center of mass of the pilot is moved forward, now being somewhere between his upper body and his legs as the center of mass will place itself back "neutral" under the wing, your upperbody (= your shoulders = your risers!) will move/swing (I´d say about 10inch) backwards, replacing the center of mass back where it "belongs", under the wing (you moved the center of mass out front (of neutral) by bringing up your legs) this results in a steeper dive than frontrisers alone (we´re not talking about any kind of turn being involved here, just straightdoublefrontrisers) so the answer is yes
  17. I think this thought of Matt is worth reading again! What I´d like to add is that I like the fact that there are safetyconcerns of the manufacturer if it comes to a product that most of the times is "operated" at loadings above 3. Only the requirements to be cleared to get access to the product might be more precise? I guess being asked for proof of experience with ultrahighloadings (XRW?) in addition to proof of certain speedtimes and performance- or competitionclassdistances would be widely accepted...
  18. Any idea why it sold so bad? Any comments regarding performance?
  19. Any infomations regarding that canopy? I found almost nothing... thanks!
  20. morris

    G3 Helmet

    The worldrecordholder in SpeedSkydiving jumps a G2!
  21. If I remember correct it didn´t kill its user but someone who stole it... might be wrong thou...
  22. Günzburg/southern Germany will be dropping for Jonathan between 8PM and 9PM local time (11AM/noon in California). PM for slots.
  23. Nice one! But: Adding OPPOSITE harness input will allow you to apply more toggleinput, resulting in a faster turnrate - but without creating too much bankangle and without resulting in a too steep pitch...